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Author's Note: This story is a response to the 2-16-05 fanfic board challenge to write about Saunders getting blindsided by an unknown attacker while the tired squad awaits reinforcements.


"Saunders Attacked"

Time-travel story #1

by White Queen



"I'm hungry," Kirby announced.  When Sgt. Saunders didn't answer, he added, "And tired."  Still no answer.  "Fine," he muttered.  "Nobody ever listens to me."

Saunders kept walking, not turning his head toward the B.A.R. man.  "The trouble with you, Kirby, is you talk so much, it's hard to tell when you're gonna say something worth hearing."

Billy Nelson, in line behind Kirby, tried to stifle a laugh, but not enough to keep Kirby from hearing it.

"Oh, you think it's funny, do you?"  Kirby turned around and started walking backwards so he could glare at Billy.  "I suppose you're not hungry or tired or nothin'."

Billy tried to smile apologetically.  "Well, sure, but--"

"Aaarrggghhh!"  Kirby, still walking backwards, tripped over a tree root and landed on his backside. 

"Having trouble walking?" Saunders asked blandly.

"No," Kirby huffed.  He stood up, dusted off the seat of his pants, and hurried to catch up with his squad leader, who hadn't bothered stopping to wait for him.

Caje appeared out of a copse of trees to their right.  "Looks clear, Sarge," he reported.

"Good.  We'll set up here then.  Kirby and Billy, you're on guard duty.  Littlejohn, Doc, break out your rations, then try to get some shut-eye.  Caje and I'll keep watch here until those two squads from Fox Company join us."

Kirby and Billy moved off to find good positions at the perimeter of their position.  The other four men wasted no time in finding comfy places to sit on the small hilltop.  They compared the contents of their C-rations, and Doc swapped his tin of cheese for Littlejohn's chocolate bar. 

Kirby soon trotted back to report that he could see Fox company approaching, and they should be there in about fifteen minutes.  Saunders sent Kirby back to guard duty, then relaxed a little knowing they'd soon have reinforcements there on the left flank.

"Think we'll see much action up here?" Caje asked.

Saunders shook his head.  "Nah, looks pretty quiet.  I think the Krauts'll pull back after this morning's push.  Probably won't try anything again until tomorrow."

Suddenly, a flash of bright white light seemed to explode behind them in the small stand of trees.  It made a loud popping noise, like a big old-fashioned camera bulb going off.  Caje started to say, "Hey, Sarge, did you see--" but was cut off by a loud thrashing coming through the trees.  Before he or Littlejohn could reach for their M-1s, a figure hurtled past them.  They glimpsed a lot of brown hair and flailing limbs as the figure pounced on Saunders, knocking him backward onto the ground.

"I found you!" rejoiced a distinctly feminine voice.

Saunders said something too muffled to be heard.  Caje had leapt to his feet in alarm, and now tried to haul the strange person away from Saunders. 

She, for it was obviously a young woman, turned her head.  "C'mon, Caje, stop that," she said.

Caje released her arm and stepped back, shocked that she'd known his name.  "Who are you?"

She grinned.  Saunders sat up and echoed Caje's question.  "Who are you?"

"Well," she smiled, smoothing her incredibly long brown hair, "my call sign is White Queen."  She gazed adoringly at Saunders.  "Because you're White Rook, of course."  Then she looked around the group.  "And you're Caje, and you're Littlejohn, and you're Doc."  She grinned.  "The right Doc, too."

Saunders blinked several times, looking distinctly perplexed.  "How do you know that?"

White Queen took a deep breath.  "Okay, I come from the future.  I built a time-travel machine so I could come back here and finally meet you!"

Littlejohn and Doc had joined the little group.  "Time travel?" Littlejohn asked.  "Like H. G. Wells?"

White Queen nodded.  "Sorta.  Except I had to add an alternate-universe feature too, since you only exist in... never mind, the explanation would take too long.  I've only got about ten minutes before it yanks me back to my time.  At least, I hope that's how it'll work."  She frowned.  "This is the first time I've tested it."

Doc looked skeptical.  "This is your first test and you decided to send yourself back into the middle of World War Two?"

She grinned.  "Of course!  So I could meet all of you."  She moved closer to Saunders, until she was sort of snuggled next to his shoulder.  "Especially you."

"Uh, well, that's very flattering," Saunders replied.  He looked around.  "But why'd you knock off my helmet?  And what were you doing to my hair?"

"Rumpling it, of course!"  White Queen sighed.  "Your hair is so adorable when its rumpled.  Almost as adorable as when it's wait a minute."  She reached behind her back, and produced a water canteen.  "Are you by any chance feeling overheated?"

"It's pretty warm out here," Saunders admitted.

"Would you mind if I dumped my canteen of water over your head?"


"You're so sexy when you're wet!"  She unscrewed the canteen's cap.  "Oh please?"

Caje's grin was so wide, you could see almost every single one of his even white teeth.  "Go ahead, Sarge, let her."

"Fine."  Saunders shrugged.  Time travel... White Queen... obviously he was having some sort of really strange dream.

The shock of the water cascading over him convinced him he was fully awake.  Spluttering, he instinctively shook his head, spraying water over all the others.

White Queen giggled.  Then she tried to look solemn.  "I don't suppose I could...."

"No more water!"  Saunders jumped to his feet and backed away from her.  "Look, I don't know who you are...."

She stood up as well.  "No more water," she promised.  "I just wanted to...." she blushed.

"Kiss him?" Caje suggested.

"She did that already," Saunders admitted.

"Not that I wouldn't love to do it again," White Queen said, "cuz I would.  But I was hoping maybe you could lean against that tree."

"Lean against it?"  Sgt. Saunders asked.

"Yeah!  I love watching you lean against things.  You're so...." she sighed.  "Oh, and are Kirby and Billy anywhere around?"

"They're standing guard over there and over there."  Littlejohn pointed down the hill, then up it.

"As long as I'm here, I'd love to meet them too."

Billy's head popped out from behind a tree.  "Hey, what's all the noise?" he asked.

"Hi, Billy!"  White Queen waved at him.

"Huh?"  Billy stared at her, then started walking toward the group.  "Hey, who're you?"

Just then, Kirby came trotting back of his own accord.  "Fox Company's about five minutes--" he stopped and stared at White Queen.  "Who's she?"  Then he stared at Saunders.  "Hey, Sarge, how come you're all wet?"

White Queen sidled close to Saunders again.  "Tell him to shut up," she suggested.

"Shut up, Kirby," Saunders said mildly.

"No, no, no," she pouted.  "Like you're mad at him!  Curl your upper lip back and squint your eyes a little, and get that raspy sound in your voice."

Doc laughed.  "She knows you pretty good, all right."

"How come you're wet?" Kirby persisted.

Saunders rolled his eyes, and looked at White Queen.  She looked so expectant, so adoring -- he took a deep breath.  "Shut up, Kirby, you just shut up!" he snarled.

White Queen flung her arms around him and rapturously kissed his stubbly cheek.  "I love you, Sergeant Saunders!" she announced.  Before he could reply, there was another loud pop, a blinding white flash of light, and White Queen vanished.

The two squads from Fox Company emerged from the trees to find a wet and bemused sergeant surrounded by five laughing soldiers.  "Some people just don't take this seriously enough," complained one squad leader.



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