(set to the tune of "Don't Rain on my Parade" as sung by Bobby Darin)


"Don't Ridicule Combat!"

by White Queen



Don't tell me not to watch,

I've simply got to.

If someone's eyes get crossed,

It's me and not you.

Don't bring around a crowd

To ridicule Combat!


Don't tell me "Get a life,"

Just like my mother.

These reruns are my life--

I want no other.

Who told you you're allowed

To ridicule Combat!?


I'm gonna march my squad out

To a distant drum.

And if there's an ad break,

Don't change the


We might miss the beginning


Who cares about who's winning?


But whether you're the husband

Of perfection

Or else a pretty wife

With pure complexion,

Or parents who raised me

On fruitcake and cheese,


I shall ignore you

If it must bore you,

Don't say that sore you

Will be.

Saunders and Hanley,

Littlejohn, Billy,

Caje, Doc, and Kirby

Thrill me.


So get ready for me, Sarge,

'Cause I'm a-comin'.

Just give the order now

And I'll start runnin'.


I said nobody,

Nobody had better

Ridicule Combat!



I'm outta here!