Aww.  That poor ENG didn't even last 30 seconds.  And the others barely made it past a minute. 


(DA!)  Oooooooh, there's that famous leap over the fence post and crouching run across the road.  That bears rewinding several times.  Doesn't Saunders move like a big lion there, stalking his prey? 


(DA!)  And we've got Caje all unbuttoned, sleeves rolled up.  And then Kirby just breezes right past him in the hubba hubba race, wandering around in his undershirt!  Look at those arms!  This episode sure doesn't shirk on the droolage, does it?


Saunders had a club house?  All together now:  Awwwwwwwwww.


So… imagine you're Hummel.  That's your reception committee:  the coldest, quietest sergeant you've ever encountered.  He barely spares you a glance, much less a thought.  Poor kid.


(DA!)  Do they have to keep intercutting the sorrow over the ENG dying on the stretcher with all these positively scrumptious shots of Saunders, Kirby, and Caje?  It's distracting me from the plot!


Kirby has a very short memory today.  He gripes to Caje that he's forgotten what it's like to ride, but they came in on a jeep at the beginning of the ep!  Wow, the heat must be frying his brain, poor guy.


Why didn't anyone mention that Hummel speaks German before this?  That seems like the sort of info a squad leader needs to know. 


(DA!)  My, it really must be hot out today!  Even Doc's shirt is getting unbuttoned lower and lower.


Anyone else ever wonder what the inside of Saunders' field jacket looks like?  Are there pockets for grenades, maps, binoculars, pictures from home, extra ammo, thermite grenades, etc?  Or is it just a bunch of loose stuff rattling around?


You know, it's really rare that we see Saunders be mistaken.  And even more rare to have him admit that he's wrong.  This episode does a great job of having that happen but not making us (or his squad) lose respect for him.  Well done!  This is a pretty solid ep, despite basically being a rehash of "Mail Call."  Which is why I don't have a lot of comments today -- it's hard to write Scuttlebutt about solid eps, because they don't have enough silliness.

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