I Hate This Episode.  It's my least-favorite Combat! episode.  Just so we're clear on that.

This opener is downright psychedelic, with all those orange flashes and black silhouettes and stuff.

Saunders looks the way I feel after a long day of my kids bickering.  Like, "Dude, can't you guys just be nice?  Or polite?  Or ignore each other and be quiet, at least?"  If I had a dollar for every time I've said, "All right, just knock it off!" like he does here...

(DA!)  Hanley is delightfully scruffy tonight.  And genuinely regretful about having to send the squad out again.  Thank you for your sympathy and scruffiness, Hanley.  I greatly appreciate them.

I think this ep would have been way more interesting if they'd stayed in their little shed or whatever and dealt with all the interpersonal conflict there instead of bumbling around in the rain.  This might be why I don't write for TV.

"I'm not worried about later, Doc.  I'm worried about right now."  Yeah, me too, Saunders.  Like I'm worried the chocolate I bribed myself with to get myself through this ep will run out before the ep does.

(DA!)  This is more like it!  I would watch Saunders sneaking around in the dark for an entire episode.  Prowl on, Sergeant!

That sly Saunders, leaving Caje and Littlejohn with Doc so he can sass them into submission.  Well done!

(DA!)  There are some ultra-yummy close-ups during Doc's homegrown version of a PPT.  And don't miss how far Doc's shirt comes undone throughout the following scenes.  Yelling at people must be warm work.

(DA!)  Also, Caje looks very pretty wielding the Thompson.  That baby looks good on just about anyone, huh?

(DA!)  The rest of the episode leaves me pretty bored, but that ending... oh, that ending!  Saunders in his undershirt?  Lying on a bed, propped up on one elbow?  I may never recover.


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