Very picturesque opener, but what's with the crabby mood, Saunders?  Are you mad because Earl Parker got to go to France to film all these exteriors, and you had to stay in California?

That Kraut sniper isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.  He seems to expect the rest of the Americans to come out one at a time too after he shoots the first one.  You'd think the guy would've at least had the sense to duck for some cover.

You know, France must be overrun with chickens. 

Somehow, I'm missing some fire in Saunders' reaction to McKlosky when he fires off that "cheap cop-out" pot-shot.  Saunders seems more annoyed or exasperated than angry.  This had better mean McKlosky gets a good chewing-out later on.

Hee, I love it when Hanley drives up and asks Saunders what happens, even though McKlosky so obviously wants to tell. 

(DA!) -- This ep's only redeeming feature may be that shot of Saunders with his head pillowed on his arms, glaring sideways at McKlosky.  Hubba hubba indeed.

(DA!) -- And oooh, gotta dig the way Saunders swipes that map off Hanley's table.  Is he getting angry at last?  I can only hope.

All this line wire laying business is very boring.  Can't we at least have some verbal fireworks to liven things up?  Or a firefight?  I just can't get worried about us on this mission.  Maybe if we'd been shot at even once since the teaser, I'd be a little more scared about our chances of making it back okay. 

And then when the Krauts do show up, there are four of them... and six of us.  Where's the excitement in that?  And why do we all stand up to charge the Krauts?  I thought we were supposed to stay behind cover.  Did we get issued bulletproof armor since last season?

Hmph.  We crossed a perfectly good stream, and not one of our guys had the sense to trip on a rock or slip on some shale and get thoroughly wet.  Where's the fun in that?

Finally, a chase scene!  Which quickly gets boring too, since it goes on forever.  Not that I mind watching our guys run, but come on.

Ah, the old Hiding Under the Bridge trick.  Fools 'em every time.  And yet, the guys all manage to stay perfectly dry.  Aren't any of them hot and sweaty enough to want a quick dunking?

When Saunders finally hollers at McKlosky... he's awfully nice about it.  I've been sitting through this whole ep just waiting for him to finally blow up in McKlosky's face, and all I get is this?  Even when McKlosky blames him a little later for all the Krauts showing up in our abandoned village, Saunders stays much too calm.  Did someone slip a Prozac into his canteen or something?

This episode wraps up awfully easily.  Steal a truck, shoot every single Kraut in sight without taking a single hit ourselves, and then forgive the Jerk of the Day with a smile.  Man, talk about an episode being all hat and no cat.  No decent PPT, no conflagrations between Saunders and McKlosky, and not one of our guys got even the tiniest bit wet in any of those rivers.  Snore.


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