If that was my big pile of barrels, I'd have more than one or two guys guarding it.  These are obviously not Hitler's crack troops.

Also, I'd make darned sure I could leave before I lit any fuses in somebody's big pile of barrels.  It seems Hanley's not hanging out with any of Ike's crack troops tonight, either.  Now that I mention it, their entire plan for escaping the barrel dump doesn't seem too brilliant.  "Run like heck and hope the Krauts are bad shots?"  That's the best they could come up with?

It seems that every '60s TV show was required to have a quicksand episode.  And an episode where someone had to transport liquid nitroglycerin or other unstable explosives over a mountain.  I think there were a couple writers in Hollywood who each had only one good idea, and Quicksand Guy and Nitro Guy just changed the names of the characters in their respective episodes and shopped them around to every single TV show they could think of.  But I digress from today's thrilling episode full of non-stop action and scintillating dialog....

You know, if I ever saw what looked like a big puddle of porridge up ahead, I think I'd go around it.  Sure, it's dark, but still, Wilder doesn't think it looks a bit dodgy?

Also, quicksand is not really all that quick, so I think this episode should actually be named "A Long, Drawn-out, Painfully Slow Terror."

Why don't they just use Wilder's radio to call for help?  In fact, why doesn't Wilder do this as soon as he gets stuck, instead of hollering his head off for Hanley?  The radio is right there, slung over his shoulder.  Use it!  But, then, we'd miss out on the rest of this thrilling episode full of scintillating action and non-stop dialog.  Can't have that.

The scene where a wounded Hanley takes off his coat is actually painful to watch.  Good job with those grimaces, Rick Jason!

Where did Hanley learn so much about quicksand?  Was he a boy scout?  I mean, I know you're supposed to lay on your back and float to escape quicksand, but I learned that from watching all those '60s cowboy shows written by Quicksand Guy.  Where'd Hanley pick that tip up?  Hunting manuals?

(DA!) -- Hanley looks veddy nice as he eases down onto his side and tells Wilder to keep quiet so the Krauts will pass them by. 

It seems Wilder thinks the presence of Germans throws off a person's sense of direction.  He tells Hanley, "You'll never find me again.  It's dark.  There are Germans!"  Okay, the dark thing I get, but the Germans?  Are they possessed of giant magnets that will mess up Hanley's internal compass?

Of course, Hanley eventually manages to pull Wilder out of the quicksand In the Nick of Time, and they share a little smile and some pseudo-banter, presumably to let the audience know that all's well that ends well.  Or maybe that they're also relieved this remarkably dull ep has finally ended.


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