Now there's an unusual opener -- a close-up of one lone Kraut.  No explosions, no shooting, just a German soldier hiding in a bush.  Kinda nifty.

(DA!)--Ooooooh, looky here!  Our guys are all in their shirtsleeves again, most of them unbuttoned past the dog tags... it's gonna be a yummy day if this keeps up.

This ep has one of my favorite Kirby quotes:  "Don't just stand there, let's get on with the war!  Kirby's back and you've got him."  Never fails to make me grin.

Director John Peyser's going for some pretty artsy shots in this ep.  First there was all that stuff with reflections in the river, and now after the opening credits he's got the camera snooping down at the squad from up in the treetops.  What, did he think the story needed some livening up or something?

(DA!)--Holy Hot Saunders!  He's sweaty, he's sauntering, he's yowling at an ENG, and we even get a "Shut UP!" out of him!  Where's my rewind button?

Caje and Saunders are walking in step the whole time we're marching to that village.  Makes me giggle.

(DA!)--Water!  Woo!  Saunders keeps his head all too dry, but Caje slips or something and gets soaked to the neck.  Nice.  AND we're not all miraculously dry in the next shot.  Though somehow by the time we re-cross the bridge, Saunders' entire shirt is wet.  Hmm.  Either he's reeeeeally sweaty or the water in the rest of his shirt... dripped up?  Or did he jump in the river again when the camera wasn't looking?  Now that would be most unfair.

Why do we sneak into town, hide behind the wrecked truck, then all stand up and walk out into the open in a big group?  This is not right!  We're supposed to skulk around hugging walls and keeping under cover whenever possible.  Which we eventually do, but still.  Saunders and Co. know better.

What's with the odd high- and low-angle close-ups of Saunders?  Not that I mind a good close-up of Saunders, natch, but they're kind of distracting.

I love the scene where Doc tells Saunders about the powder burns on Kalb's pant leg.  The two of them are superb here.  Vic Morrow goes from skeptical to disturbed to disheartened with some fabulous and subtle expressions, while Conlan Carter plays earnest and worried in a very low-key way.  Great stuff.

(DA!)--My, we get lots of delightful shouting and growling from Saunders today. 

Kalb never said he killed "the Kraut in front of the church."  He said it happened there, but he never said it was that particular Kraut.  Fleming just inferred that because he really wanted to nail Kalb's hide to the wall.  Not that I'm all that fond of shifty-eyed Kalb, but I hate seeing anybody railroaded.

And I love Saunders holding up those wire-rimmed specs, not saying anything at first, just letting Fleming come to terms with the truth on his own.  Makes a nice contrast to all the lovely yelling he did earlier.

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