(DA!) -- Nice "hmm" look from Saunders when Hanley says we should let Kirby sit this one out.

(DA!) -- And I love Hanley's grin when he lets Saunders in on the little secret.  He should grin more.  I say, this ep is off to a great start!

I love that Kirby puts his boot on without his sock in his haste to catch up once he finds out we're off to meet up with his almost-brother-in-law, Eddie Kopachek.  Wow, that was a long sentence, wasn't it?

(DA!) -- Another grin from Hanley!  Yeehaw!  Maybe Kirby should complain about his toes more often.

This ep starts out so light-hearted that its sudden seriousness is all the more poignant and startling.  Kirby's, "Eddie.  Oh, Eddie," is heartbreaking.  It's just the beginning of some beautiful acting by Jack Hogan in this ep.

Gotta nitpick for a second, though.  How does Caje know Kopachek was beaten to death?  He's face down.  And Caje isn't usually one for making snap assessments.

(DA!) -- Nice leeeeeeean from Doc as he calls Hanley on the squawk box.

There are some gorgeously framed shots in this episode, lots of mixing characters in the foreground and background, etc.  Just an all-around awesome ep.

(DA!) -- Doesn't Saunders look delicious while talking to the wounded Frenchman?  Nicely lit, all grim and sympathetic.  Where's my swooning couch?

Kirby, seriously… you're going after this SS colonel alone?  He's in a staff car!  Which tends to indicate he's probably accompanied by staff.  I know you're angry, but come on, think!

Speaking of thinking, Saunders is right -- he should've figured Kirby would try something like this.  Why didn't he? 

Um, it really takes a dozen Kraut soldiers to make sure one American is immobilized?  Does the whole camp really need to swarm over like that?  Too bad Kirby's not just a decoy -- we could've taken the place while they were all distracted by him.

I love that Kirby's anger is unabated once he's captured.  He's scared, but he's not cowed.

There's a dialog exchange here that rocks my world.  Col. Bruener says, "No one enjoys killing."  Kirby shoots back, "Cut me loose from this chair and see."  I love it!  This ep gets rather film noir for a while, doesn't it?

(DA!) -- We get treated to some lovely sneaking around from Saunders, Caje, and Littlejohn as they creep up on the Kraut camp.  Yummy!

When we escape with Col. Bruener, why are all the other Krauts shooting at us?  Aren't they afraid they'll hit their own officer?  Or are they none too fond of Bruener either?

(DA!) -- My, we get lots and lots of nice running in this ep, don't we?

(DA!) -- And check out how Saunders' jacket collar is flipped up as he gets all shovey with Bruener.  Rrrrrrrrow!

I love that Saunders really leaves the decision up to Kirby about whether or not he should kill Bruener.  When I was a kid, my first time watching the show, I didn't care much for Kirby until I saw this episode.  From then on out, I've been a Kirby fan. 

And I adore that shot at the end that frames Saunders and Kirby's heads and shoulders above the rooftops while Bruener grovels at their feet.  Beautiful.  As is this entire episode. 

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