A smashing opener, I must say.  All the gunfire a girl could ask for!  And it just keeps coming, doesn't it?  No lines for anyone to learn, just keep shooting and you'll do fine.

These three panicking Kraut kids -- why didn't their leader say something to calm them down before they rabbited?  Anyone could see they were about to bolt.  This is totally all his fault.

It'd be interesting to rewrite this ep, switching the roles so it's Saunders who loses all his men and goes on a vengeance kick.  I think that's what they're trying to get across in this episode, only it doesn't do nearly as well at drawing those kinds of parallels as other eps have ( ::cough:: "Anatomy of a Patrol" ::cough:: ).

How handy that Today's Kraut understands English and has a map of the very ground we'll be covering.  Also handy that Saunders stops to tell all his men exactly what we're up to today.  I can't remember the last time he did that, can you?  Usually, he just mutters, "Let's go," and everyone follows him.

What a large flock of ENGs Saunders is shepherding today!  Are there six?  Seven?  Lots, anyway.

Today's Kraut is looking awfully spry for a guy with an abdominal wound.  I suspect he may be faking.  Or at least embellishing on how badly he's really hurt.

This ENG left his canteen behind, and Saunders doesn't even chew him out about it?  Are you on tranquilizers today, Sarge?

I do like how, when an ENG yanks the dead German soldier off the log, Today's Kraut tries to stop him.  Gets me to imagine how Saunders would react if that was Kirby or Caje lying there.  He'd probably take out every Kraut within a twenty-mile radius, but Today's Kraut has that pesky abdominal cramp or whatever, so I guess we'll understand if he just kind of glares a lot for now.

Why did Saunders send only one ENG back with Today's Kraut?  I think those tranquillizers are affecting his judgment.

The ENG who got throttled is clearly still breathing after Today's Kraut decides he's dead.  He does look very picturesque, though, lying over that log.  Reminds me of that one really good scene in "Counterplay."

I'm starting to fear Today's Kraut, quite honestly.  He's been gut shot, and he's running?  And killing able-bodied men with his bare hands?  What's he do when he's not wounded?  Take on tanks single-handedly?

When the next ENG dies out in the open, Saunders tells his men to take cover.  Instead, one guy runs back out into the open to get the dead body.  And still, Saunders doesn't do any yelling!  He's definitely either on happy pills or not feeling well. 

GAH!  Littlejohn's been shot!  He's being all stoic and nonchalant about his wound, but still, poor Littlejohn.  No one's even bothering to bandage him -- just pour a little sulfa on it, and let's go. 

See, I really do think Today's Kraut just has a stomach cramp.  I see no blood at all on his uniform.

And the most yelling Saunders does is a measly, "Look for him.  Go on, look for him!"  Where is my Saunders, and who is this imposter?

Aw, come on -- two dead Krauts in the water, and no one is gonna get even a teeny bit wet checking on them to be sure they're not just holding their breath?  This ep is so lame.

Only now is Saunders getting a "feeling" about this Kraut?  He's not on tranquilizers -- someone's slipped him Stupid Pills!  Or he's a Replicant, maybe some kind of Cylon…

(DA!)  Whoever this imposter is, I must admit he looks darned good, loping down that dam or whatever it's supposed to be.  Even faux-Saunders runs sexily.

Come on, Saunders (or whoever you are) -- you've seen Today's Kraut running away, so go after him!  Why are you so reluctant to give chase?  Where's your fire and brimstone today?

This last unscathed ENG has a weird shirt on -- two buttons up to the neck, and no real collar.  I don't know if I've ever seen one like it.

(DA!)  More nice running from Android Saunders as he crosses the street.

Saunders gives a sort of disgusted eye roll as he leaves the room where Today's Kraut finally died.  Looks like he's just as glad as I am that this dumb ep is over.  It almost feels like this script was written for a completely different show, and then turned into a Combat! ep when the other show rejected it.  I know Esther & Bob Mitchell wrote some really good episodes for us, but this one is just pointless and badly characterized.

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