I haven't seen this episode since I was in high school.  Back then, I had a lingering fondness for Sal Mineo -- he always plays these scrappy little characters that are like puppies that have been kicked around a lot, but still want to make friends.  I got quite excited when I first saw this episode and discovered he was in it.  And yet, it never became a favorite.

It's nice to see Lt. Hanley out in the field -- no Jeeps, no airplanes, no desks, just him and us and some Krauts.  Good for you, Sir!

(DA!)  And so, on the day that the cameraman decides to frame every single shot from the rear, Saunders is conspicuously missing?  Why do these filmmakers torment me so?

There's a Kirby line here that has stuck with me through the years, though I'd forgotten it was from this ep.  He says, "Never saw a tree 'til I was ten years old."  That struck me as one of the saddest things ever, when I was a kid, and was very instrumental in my softening attitude toward Kirby.  Yes, it's true, Kirby was once my least-favorite character, I'll admit it.  He's now my second-favorite, right after Saunders… who knows, in twenty years, maybe I'll have changed my mind again, huh?

Nice throw, Caje!  You get the Golden Grenade award for this ep.

(DA!)  Hanley is rather less buttoned up than usual.  Dirty and sweaty is actually a good look for him, despite what he so clearly thinks to the contrary.

We're fixing bayonets?  Wow, I can't remember the last time we did that.  Nifty.

What's causing that bright light coming from the center of town?  Are the citizens having a bonfire?

The dead Kraut in the dark street is Really Creepy.  The rest of the time we spend flushing out the town starts to drag, though.

Why does Burke choose that one building to enter, after he passed up all the others?  Is his Spider Sense tingling?

Is it me, or is Sal Mineo's coat too big?

Hanley obviously is not amused by the way Burke starts talking out of one side of his mouth -- that's Hanley's shtick!  He gets so ticked off, he starts to sound like me laying down the law to my kids:  "I've had it with both of you!"  Threatens them with disciplinary action and everything.  I never knew Hanley and I had so much in common!

I think this episode is why I never care much for Tom Skerrit -- Burke is such a vulture.

Littlejohn gives very sensible advice.  I wish more people would listen to him.

(DA!)  This is a weird White Queen-specific swoon-inducer, I expect, but I have such a thing for guys who can light matches with their thumbnails.  I love you, Kirby!

Anyone else think Sal Mineo is actually Marlon Brando's long-lost little brother?  Except Brando has better legs.

Now Hanley's really in Mommy Mode!  He says, "Look, I'm tired of saying everything twice.  Now let's go."  My goodness, I would hate to count how many times I've said that. 

I could do without the deranged piano music at the climax.  It makes me think of spiders for some reason.  Very distracting.

Huh.  I was sure this episode ended sadly.  How strange.  Actually, I think it would have been way more effective if we'd found out Vinnick really was guilty of murdering someone -- this feels too much like a tacked-on Hollywood Happy Ending. 

We end with another shot featuring that mysterious glow coming from the center of town.  Anyone wanna go investigate and see if we can roast some marshmallows on whatever's causing it?

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