Aww, it's Jeremy Slate!  I know his Lt. Asher is the bad guy here, but I do like Slate so much.  And, is that really John Agar as Capt. Thorpe?  My goodness, he's changed some since The Sands of Iwo Jima.  I barely recognize him.  Not that he's hard on the eyes or anything, he's just changed a lot.

So, this is supposed to be a suspense episode, where we know who the bad guy is and what he's trying to do, but Our Guys don't know.  Mmm, I'm rubbing my hands with gleeful anticipation!

Do these Frenchmen just wait around for Allied airmen to drop out of the sky?  Or were they just out for their afternoon skulk?

(DA!) -- My, Hanley's certainly scruffy today.  Line up for a good look, ladies!

For a while, the ENG seems to be limping out of sympathy for Asher.

Um, Hanley doesn't notice that Capt. Thorpe has been shot in the back?  Did he forget his reading glasses today or something?

And hey, that's not fair -- our wounded Capt. Thorpe gets carried by two guys, but poor Kirby has to heft Asher all alone.  Is that other Frenchman too good to carry wounded Americans, or does he secretly suspect Asher of being a Kraut and doesn't want to dirty his hands?

I love Asher's expression when he opens his eyes and discovers he's surrounded by monks.  You can see him thinking, "What in the world?"  Nicely played.

This Asher is quite the resourceful guy!  No matter what monkey wrench spoils his plot, he concocts a new plan in seconds.  Even with a head wound!

(DA!) -- Caje is looking extra studly today, isn't he?  He's as clean-shaven as Hanley isn't.  And he's got that shirt unbuttoned a bit, exposing his very attractive throat…

You know, this ep is better than I'd remembered.  It was never a favorite of mine as a kid, despite the presence of Jeremy Slate.  Maybe I just didn't like the suspense, or the fact that he's playing a bad guy.

Okay, Asher may be resourceful, but I think he might also be unlucky.  Things just keep falling apart for him.  He's very persevering, though, I'll give him that.

(DA!) -- Hanley's studious, "I'm really listening" face is quite attractive, if a bit squinty.  His suspicious face is even nicer. 

(DA!) -- But oh baby, oh baby, Hanley smoking and getting ideas about Asher's real identity -- that's mmm, mmm, good!

(DA!) -- Still, holy moly, Caje is unbeatable today!  Check him out as he spars verbally with Asher, all smoky eyes, strong jaw, divine hair.  Droooooooooooool.  And then he perches on a table to smoke?  Somebody turn on the A/C!

The more nervous Asher gets, the more often he licks his lips.  Nice touch from Jeremy Slate.

Anyone else love that full-handed face-wipe Hanley does when he's dripping wet?  It makes him look like a little boy caught out in the rain.

(DA!) -- Speaking of getting caught in the rain, what's with all the close-ups?  How about a few wide shots in here, let us get the whole picture.  Give a girl a break, will ya?

I have to giggle when Caje starts coming around and moans.  For just a second, Kirby thinks it's the captain coming back to life.  Great so-quick-you-might-miss-it moment from Jack Hogan.

Hooray!  The cavalry arrives, we get the map we need, and… you know, if I was that French guy, I'd stop trusting all Americans and start asking for some ID, starting with Hanley.  But no, he's all la-la-la, I'll take you to your lines.  Am I just overly suspicious?  Or do I just enjoy watching suspenseful eps like this too much?

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