A jeep with a top on it?  Weird!

And here's the famous moment where a deliciously sleeveless Kirby tells today's guest stars that Saunders is "that good-looking one over there."  Watch him smirk and Saunders struggle not to crack up.  Love it!

I so dig Ben Cooper in this episode.  Not that he wasn't cool in "Next in Command," but he's just so darned likeable here.  He always strikes me as a cuter Frank Gorshin. 

"What you're suggesting is this war should be tailor-made for your convenience."  Rrrrow!  This is the Saunders I missed in that last episode!

Wow, this is quite the place.  Probably has suits of armor and ghosts, don't you think?  Nice change from the barns and abandoned farmhouses we usually end up in.

Okay, this Ferguson guy can get killed off any time, as far as I'm concerned.  So what if Littlejohn is from Nebraska and believes what he reads in the paper?  At least he can read, which is more than I can say for sure about Ferguson.

Saunders tells Murphy, "He goes where I tell him and so do you."  Saunders, I will happily go anywhere you tell me to, so long as you promise to come along.

Awwwww.  Saunders switches instantly from Angry Sergeant to Nice Sergeant.  I love how he talks to Willy Kleve, saying he saw Willy fight once.  If anyone ever wonders why my heart belongs to Saunders, it's because of stuff like this right here.

(DA!) -- And my, doesn't he look perfectly edible today with his shirt collar flipped up?

Man, there are some tense moments when that Kraut comes toward Willy and we keep wondering what the kid will do.  Very well paced, directed, and acted.  This is what the previous episode was missing, and in spades.

(DA!) -- Mmmmm, we got a "Why don't you just shut up!" out of Saunders already and the ep's barely a third over.

(DA!) -- I think I died and went to Droolage Heaven!  Now both Saunders' shirt collar and his jacket collar are flipped up, and we get a snarly "Do you got it?" and a "Now move OUT!" one right after the other! 

And you've gotta love the way Kirby deadpans his smart-aleck answer when Murphy asks him how you can tell when there are Krauts around.  "Well, usually they wear a different kind of uniforms.  You can tell it best, though, when they start shooting at you."  I love it!  This episode has some awesome lines.

Grr.  The guy (Earl Parker?) climbing that ladder doesn't do it half as nicely as Vic Morrow would have.

Shouldn't they have sent some sort of demolitions guy on a job like this?  I mean, this seems like equally as big a job as blowing up the Bridge at Chalons. 

At the farmhouse, that Kraut grenade explodes in front of us just as soon as it leaves the Kraut's hand.  That guy must throw a mean fastball.

(DA!) -- I think I may have a new word to add to my list of Things I Love Hearing Saunders Yell:  "Radio!  Radio!"

(DA!) -- At last, some steps for Saunders to climb... and he goes up them two at a time too!  Thank you, Vic Morrow, you've made my afternoon a little sunnier.

Nice leap out that window, Caje!  Are you sure you weren't a superhero in a previous life?

You know, it seems to me that Willy was a lot safer in the shell hole than he is being dragged across the open by Murphy.

I completely love Saunders' line, "None of us belongs out here."  Sigh.

Can we keep the halftrack?  It'd be a really handy thing to have around.

So, um, Saunders has been shot in the leg, but off he walks to blow that bridge anyway?  That's what I call a true Manly Man.


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