With a title like that, how can this be anything but a fantastic, action-packed episode?  Right?  Um, right?

How come Littlejohn doesn't stop those Brits and ask who they are?  That mustache looks fake, we're behind enemy lines -- I'd at least ask if they know the secret word or something.

I'm not sure I've ever seen Hanley this nonplussed before.  I guess he's not used to other people thinking they're more valuable than he is.

Do we have armor-piercing rounds in our rifles today?  We took out an armored halftrack -- that's either some impressive shooting or some pretty wimpy armor.

Poor Littlejohn.  Did anyone bother to bandage him up, or did he have to walk the whole way back holding his arm that way to keep from bleeding to death?

(DA!) -- I love the way Hanley says "toddle."  He's quite attractive here, all sarcastic, tired, and angry.

Judging by the shadows, the film Kirby and the Brit are watching is a lot faster than the one Hanley is watching, and they're both faster than the reel we see turning on the projector.  I'm just sayin'.

Are Kirby and Hanley more wearied by the long walk and the firefight they've just endured, or by these tiresome Brits hitting them (and us) over the head with these reminders of what the war is really all about?

And umů cozy billets?  Clearly, this British major lives in a different universe from us.  We seem to bunk only in wet barns or bombed-out cellars.

So far, the major's mustache is the most interesting part of this ep.  I thought this was Combat!, not high school history.

Eeeeek!  Promise me the major won't chuckle again!  That was just plain creepy. 

(DA!) -- Hanley does look lovely in all that dirt and scruff, with his constant expression of bemused wondering.  At least this episode has some redeeming quality. 

Speaking of constant expressions, is Kirby ever going to look anything other than confused?  Maybe he's still trying to figure out why he's been brought along.

Leighton does look revoltingly authentic as a German soldier.  I love his grin when the major tells him so. 

(DA!) -- Hanley crawls veddy nicely, what?

British soldiers don't come off well on Combat!, do they?  That's a shame, as I think some really cool collaboration with them could have made for an awesome episode.  As it is, they're mostly portrayed as fanatics, hare-brains, or sneaky blighters.  Or all three, like in this ep.

Yes, Wilson's the lucky one.  He only had to be in a couple minutes of this stinker.  The rest of us are stuck here for the duration.

Oh look -- now Kirby's confused and worried!

And why did we start firing at the Kraut staff car?  Why not continue with our charade?  They seemed to be buying it.

(DA!) -- Have I mentioned lately how nice Hanley's hands are?  They're lovely.

Do we really have to end with a bit of dialog contrived to include the title?  How twee.

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