What'd we do, bring out the whole platoon for this adventure?  Holy twice-as-many-ENGs-as-normal, Batman!

When Saunders calls on Kirby to tell him he'll be in charge, Jack Hogan gives us his very best "what did I do now?" expression.  After four years under Saunders' guidance, Kirby's still causing trouble, eh?

It's never a good sign when Caje stumbles into frame.  Caje does not stumble by nature.  Even without his hand clutching his stomach and the moaning and all, we'd know something was terribly wrong.

I love how the opening sequence ends with the line, "What're we gonna do now, Kirby?"  The first instance in this ep that Kirby gets to feel just what Saunders goes through every week.

(DA!)  This seems wrong, but I must admit that Caje is the most attractive dying-of-a-knife-wound soldier I think I've ever seen.  He sweats, he thrashes, he moans… clearly, my mind goes places the censors' didn't. 

(DA!)  Saunders, you found a wall to lean on!  Thank you, my dear. 

(DA!)  And Hanley, you're looking clean and dry and happy and handsome today.  Your hair is positively gleaming with the joy of a fresh shower.

(DA!)  Saunders, you can creep around in the bushes in my backyard any old time.  If I string a wire through them, maybe you'll follow it on over here?  Ooooh, that's a thought…

"All we need's for you guys to panic."  Can I hug Kirby, as he tries so hard not to panic himself?

This ep is so deliciously tense, so superbly acted, that I don't really have a lot to say.  The good eps leave little to comment on, other than that they're good.

Poor Doc's got quite the hospital going over there.  Really earning his pay today.

(DA!)  Caje is still looking terrific, for a guy at death's door.  His hair would make any teen idol neon green with envy.

Hey, Littlejohn, why don't you tell people to "just shut up" more often?  You do it quite well!  Have you been taking lessons from Saunders?  I'll be you've just been waiting for a chance to slip it into conversation.  Do it again sometime!

And Kirby seems to have been taking yell-at-insubordinate-jerk lessons.  Check out how well he tosses off "I went through basic myself, Maynard.  Now grab that phone and move out."  Excellent!

Um, meanwhile, Saunders is wounded, you know.  Couldn't we at least get a shot or two of him once in a while to reassure me that he's still alive?

(DA!)  Kirby, you look positively cute, waiting for your grenades to blow the cellar.  You're all curled up like a little puppy.  And you have one leg pulled tantalizingly up to your stomach, the better to show off your athletic… build…

(DA!)  So here at the ending, how come Saunders isn't in a muscle shirt like some of the other guys in the hospital?  Not that I'm complaining about his delightful button-down shirt, but when in Rome, darling.

And finally, I love the laughing bit at the end.  Hanley has a gorgeous grin and an infectious chuckle -- I can't remember the last time I heard him laugh!  Saunders just looks silly with that big bandage on his face, and even though he's not laughing much, he makes me laugh too.  Kind of an incongruously light-hearted end to an amazing, dramatic, serious episode, but oh well.

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