I really liked this ep when I was a kid.  Could be because I had an affinity for episodes that featured kids. 

(DA!)  Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Saunders could lean on that wall all day, if you ask me.  Hey!  He did it again!  Repeated, extended leeeeeeeeeaning!  I see now why I liked this ep.

(DA!)  We also get multiple wall-leans from Caje, plus a nimble hop over some rubble.

(DA!)  More leaning from Saunders!  And skulking.  My, doesn't he skulk well?

(DA!)  Sweet fancy Moses, did you catch that moment where Saunders hears footsteps and whips back to flatten himself against the wall?  Let's just rewind that a time or two, shall we?

I will admit I feel a little bad about enjoying this ep so much, because it's terribly sad.  But everyone is so delicious in it…

(DA!)  Speaking of delicious, both Caje and Doc are unbuttoned a mighty nice ways today.

The ENG says Gitty's dead father is "kinda old for combat," and that made me laugh because we have had WAY older guest stars on this show.

(DA!)  The part of Convent Door will now be played by White Queen.  Did you see how Saunders practically snuggled it before he pushed it open ever-so-gently?

What do we see out one of the bell tower's windows but… a Christmas tree farm?  Huh.  I suppose they need those in France too.

(DA!)  Very nice shot of Caje standing with one foot up on a schoolroom bench.

(DA!)  And then Saunders follows suit and puts his foot on the selfsame bench!  Yum.

Saunders, Saunders, do not send an ENG to do a regular's job.  That guy is never going to find those field glasses.

(DA!)  Now THAT is how to make an entrance, folks!  Saunders comes boldly in through that schoolroom door like a tiger.  Rrrrrrrrow.

(DA!)  Saunders can perch on the corner of my desk any time.

As a kid, I never knew what Saunders' first name was.  I about had a heart attack when he said to Gitty, "My name is…"  But it was one of those rare times that my Saunders disappointed me.  Of course, when I found out what his first name was, I understood why he pretty much never uses it.  But as a kid, I was bummed.

I do love Littlejohn.  He's so sweet, folding himself up into thirds to sit on that bench by Gitty, offering her candy… he does the least-convincing "It's okay" I've ever heard, but that's okay, he's still wonderful.

And how can anyone not love Saunders after seeing this episode?  He doesn't get mad at Gitty when she admits she's taken his field glasses and lied to him, he just loans her his handkerchief and tucks her hair behind her ears -- The Brat is one lucky little sister, that's all I can say.

However, he's just a teensy bit cowardly here.  Sending Doc to go get Gitty?  Come on, Saunders, just tell her the truth and get this over with.

(DA!)  Meanwhile, could Caje look any more delectable?  Sleeves rolled, shirt unbuttoned, hair sleek, leaning on the wall… he looks like a pirate. 

Boy, we really rack up the body count in this ep.  The Krauts are dying by the droves, and we only have one wounded ENG so far.  At least, until we run across one stinkin', lousy Kraut who's Not Quite Dead Yet and shoots my fair Saunders.

It's very sweet of that curb to be in just the right spot to form a pillow for Saunders' head.

In this episode, Gitty discovers that all adults are lying when they say wishing won't make it so -- first, she wishes that Saunders would get killed, and he does.  Then she wishes he'd be alive again, and he is.  She's going to go through life very confused now.

(DA!)  And even when he's at death's door, Saunders manages the sexiest growl when he says, "Let her go, Doc." 

This is not the best ep ever, but I do enjoy it thoroughly, can you tell?

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