"Come on, Hanley, in my flying machine, Going up she goes!  Up she goes!"  This ep could have its very own sing-along theme song!  (Er, if you know really old songs like I do, that is.)

Speaking of music, that's quite the exciting score we've got accompanying Hanley and his Jeep entrance -- is he being chased by a Kraut tank?  No.  Hmm.

Ahhh, Keenan Wynn.  Mischief personified.  I know he can play bad guys too, but it's his smirky roles I like the best. And honestly, the way this ep starts, you'd think they gave Col. Clyde a plane to play with.

Did Hanley just say aeroplane?  Um, Hanley Dear, do please join us in the 1940s.

Lt. Brannigan?  Keenan Wynn's character is named Lt. Brannigan?  Did no one involved with this ep ever see Guys and Dolls?  Or were there all sorts of cracks about his name on set?  "Look, Hanley, it is Lieutenant Brannigan of the New York Police Force."  "Now Brannigan is putting on the heat and breathing down everybody's necks."  I could go on, but I'm probably only making sense to about three people reading this…

Hanley being unamused is very amusing.  He looks like a grasshopper when he folds himself into the plane's rear seat.

They land that close to a Kraut command post and no one notices the plane crash???

(DA!) -- Mmmm, Hanley's steely gaze is tasty.  And effective -- he gets the French guy to overcome his qualms and help out.

Why is the Frenchman's horse just standing there, hitched up, while the old guy has been wandering around delivering eggs?  Ah well, eps with Hanley doodling about by himself often don't make a great deal of sense, I've found.

When Hanley returns to the plane, we can see his breath as he tells Brannigan the latest news.  But when he goes to chat with the old Frenchman about rocks, we can't.  Must be his chilly attitude toward Brannigan that makes the difference.

I think this ep wins the award for Nicest, Most Helpful, Least Menacing Krauts EVER.  Too bad we have to thwack or shoot all of them.

Hanley couldn't figure that someone would come looking for the Kraut he thwacked on the head and, oh, I dunno, hide the body in the bushes or something?

Say, Brannigan isn't just a crackpot, he's a crack shot too!  Watch him take out that running Kraut!

Sing with me!  "Come on, Hanley, in my flying machine, Going up, all on, goodbye!"

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