What a great opener!  Four weary warriors schlumping toward us.  Man, Saunders, Kirby, Caje, and Doc have really been through the mill, huh?  Watch them stagger and slouch, every movement declaring their fatigue.

(DA!)--And then Caje dumps a helmetful of river over his head.  If only Saunders would follow suit!  Ah well, Caje looks pretty good when he's wet too.

Saunders gets visibly tireder when he learns none of the replacements have seen any action before.  You can see him thinking, "Oh great.  Now we have to teach them too."

(DA!)--YEOW!  While the opening credits are rolling, Saunders has seen fit to unbutton his shirt distractingly far.  Beyond the dog tags!  And oh baby, Caje got unbuttoned too!  This is looking very promising.

Whenever Saunders tells us not to pick a fight on this patrol, we instantly know that means someone is going to.  Maybe he should quit saying that and then the ENGs wouldn't keep shooting Krauts when we're supposed to be in Stealth Mode.

(DA!)--Boy, howdy!  Kirby should check for mines more often if he's gonna roll his sleeves up like that.

Haven't Saunders' withering looks of annoyance disintegrated Tate yet?

I love Kirby telling Tate off several times.  You can see Kirby recognizing the cocky wise guy he used to be and trying to get Tate to shape up while there's still time.  Great acting from Jack Hogan.

The first scene I always think of when someone mentions this ep is us all hiding in the tall grass while the halftrack rolls up.  For some reason, that one really sticks with me.  Maybe we don't deal with tall grass very often?  I don't know, I just like it. 

(DA!)--Don't'cha love the throaty way Saunders says, "Ahhh, it's gonna be rough" when he and Caje eye the farmhouse?  He's so tired and resigned and growly.  Mmm.

We don't see shell shock or battle fatigue much on Combat!, so Tobin cracking up when Loomis gets shot is shocking, and quite effective.

This is a cool episode, one I've watched many times.  The character interactions rock, the dialog is excellent, and the acting is great.  Esther and Bob Mitchell wrote some really solid episodes for Combat!, and I think this is one of their best.

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