We open with footage of a night battle.  A bit unusual for us, and very scary with all its blinding artillery.  Not sure what it has to do with the rest of the ep, other than to establish we're at war and there's lots of shooting and destructing going on, but I think that was pretty well summed up in the series title.  But still, a little excitement can't hurt.

(DA!)--Would you look at Hanley today, in his shirtsleeves, one foot up on the jeep, talking on his phone.  His shirt's open, he's got a sidearm strapped to his hip... are we having a heat wave, or is it just me?

(DA!)--Now Saunders has his shirt unbuttoned too?  And he's actually taken off his field jacket?  This episode is off to a superb start!  I may not make it to the end if our guys keep this up.  They'll find me drowned in a drool pool, a happy smile on my face and a worn-out DVD in the player.

(DA!)--Oh.  My.  Melty.  Goodness.  Caje and Kirby have their sleeves rolled up.  Where's my swooning couch?  I don't think I can take much more of this.

I'm quite amused by the various ways our guys dispose of their field jackets.  Saunders tucks his under his ammo belt.  Caje drapes his over his canteen or something similar on his belt.  And Kirby goes for the preppy look, slinging his jacket over his shoulder. 

Does Farmer Noah remind anyone else of Moseby Lovelace?  He fights this war on his own terms.

(DA!)--Even Doc's joined the Unbuttoned Brigade!

I love Littlejohn's expression of pure contentment as he soaks his feet in that bucket.  And he's right, there's nothing like soft, freshly turned earth to soothe your soles.

(DA!)--John Peyser, thank you from the depths of my swooning couch for all those lovely shots of shirt-sleeved soldiers walking off into the woods!

Noah's from Iowa?  Near Sioux City?  Me too!  Well, sorta -- my parents both grew up in that vicinity.  I was born in western Iowa not far from the border with Nebraska.  But I've been to Noah's neck of the woods plenty.  He even looks a little like one of my uncles.  It's the squint lines, I think. 

Speaking of Noah, gotta mention that while I know Dennis Weaver as Chester on Gunsmoke, he plays Noah so much differently that only when he makes his initial appearance am I tempted to say, "Howdy, Chester!" to the screen.

(DA!)--The buttons on Saunders' shirt are fighting a losing battle -- now he's got at least three of them undone!  Hot diggity!

When Littlejohn gets shot, he grabs his arm up near the shoulder.  But when Saunders bandages him up, he sprinkles sulfa powder on Littlejohn's chest.  Did the bullet travel through Littlejohn's arm and into his chest?

And stop being so hard on Littlejohn for falling behind.  If he hadn't, that Kraut could've snuck closer and plugged more than one of us, or else followed all the way back to the barn and committed some foul and dastardly deed there.  Instead, we got him because he decided to take out a straggler.

Doth my eyes deceive me?  Are we digging foxholes?

Wouldn't a mama cow be more concerned about her brand new calf bawling so much?  She looks awfully complacent.  I'm not buying it -- I think she kidnapped that calf to make a handy excuse for spending all night out in the woods.

When we go rescue Noah and the Krauts open up on us, shouldn't Saunders and Kirby find some cover instead of standing out in the open and making two lovely, big targets?

Couldn't one or two of us have gone after the Kraut that got away?  We're more than just a squad here -- there's a bunch of guys along this line.  Surely we could spare a couple to keep that Kraut from ratting us out.

And why doesn't someone climb up into the barn and fire down at the machine gun nest from up there?

Now Saunders missed with a grenade?  No way! 

I like this ep better than I remembered -- it's got some nice action, good acting, and a superb hubba-hubba factor.  More, please!

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