Another nice, actiony opener, though the three guys it focuses on are ENGs and not anyone we care much about.  Two of them die so soon they barely qualify as ENGs, while the third is obviously destined to be our Problem for the day.  On the plus side, we get a growl from Saunders before the opening credits.

Why is Doc limping as they come into town?  Did Stevens kick him?  Trying to resist arrest maybe, or just adding to the charges against him?

You know, characters get other characters killed all the time in other episodes and Saunders doesn't arrest them.  What makes Stevens such a Special Case?

Hanley has quite the permanent HQ here -- he's got maps pinned up on the walls and everything.  Rather different from the bombed-out buildings and tents he usually uses.

(DA!)--Doesn't Saunders look delicious today?  His shirt's unbuttoned a bit, he's going scruffy, he's got his helmet off, he's using his Serious Face... I could get used to this.

They blend the D-Day footage from "A Day in June" and the new stuff pretty nicely, getting Vic to look like his younger self in the new shots, etc.  But when in the world did this little encounter with Stevens take place?  In "A Day in June," Saunders fought his way off the beach with the rest of the squad.  I don't recall there being time for him to meet up with Stevens and take out a machine gun nest with his help, much less impart a Life Lesson.

(DA!)--Hanley looks particularly nice today too, all well-combed, yet in need of a shave.  Worth a second look, for sure.  Or a third.  Or fourth....

(DA!)--And when we flashback to Stevens joining the squad, check out Caje!  His jacket and shirt are open to the waist, he's got his beret on, and he's leeeeeeaning against that wall.  I'm telling you, Caje is smokin' in more ways than one in this scene.  Bon appètit

I don't get Stevens.  Is he a glory-hunter or just an idiot?  Why does he disobey Saunders?  Why does he tell ENGs Clark and Marshall to leave good cover?  No wonder he lost his own squad!  And he has such flat, dead eyes, like he's really an android, not a human.  Maybe this episode is from an Alternate Universe where there are robot soldiers, and Stevens is one of them.  It would explain why the D-Day events don't jive with "A Day in June."  Even when he dies, Stevens is like a little robot programmed to parrot Saunders' "Kill Krauts.  Keep firing.  Keep moving" mantra.  He's honestly fairly creepy.

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