You know, taking a joyride on your trusty bicycle through the countryside when said countryside is occupied by Nazis is probably not the brightest plan.

Mark Richman is highly creepy.  Shiver.

Saunders really cracks up over Kirby's "powdered bacon" remark.  Was it an ad-lib?  Or was Vic Morrow just in a jolly mood that day?

Hanley looks quite bored and skeptical about his whole RADAR idea.  He rolls his eyes, looks off into the middle distance, folds his arms… he's not convinced it's important, is he?

Ack!  Now Mark Richman's wearing a black turtleneck!  Even creepier!

(DA!)  All our guys look very clean today.  I bet they smell good too.

(DA!)  Mmm, anyone else want to audition to play the Jeep that Saunders and Caje drape themselves all over while consulting the map?

All the Krauts look very clean today too -- is it bath week in Normandy?

The little sniper is so young and sweet.  What's he doing perched in a Eucalyptus tree, playing soldier?  Shouldn't he be in a Gidget movie or something?

(DA!)  Hey!  We have a whole river to cross, and the only one who gets a ducking is the ENG?  Grrrrrr.  Saunders does jump in with a righteous splash, at least.  But they all dry off awfully fast -- by the time we descend the hill with the switchback path a second time, they're all dry.  Or at least, what we can see of them is.  I'm betting their shirts are still wet under those big jackets.  No one feels like un-coat-ing to dry off a bit?  Pout, pout.

Mmmm, German sausage!  I'd trade cigarettes for those myself.

We're leaving the radio at the house?  Littlejohn's never had a problem moving while carrying it before.  I smell a plot rat. 

Um… is it me, or did Mark Richman and his weasel-ly buddy supposedly knock out those two Kraut guards outside by… punching them in the stomach?  How's that work, exactly?  Or are we supposed to assume they pulled knives out of their sleeves at the last minute?

We couldn't leave the burning building a little sooner?  Like, before flames started shooting out the windows and making us all conspicuous?

And now for some random pictures of airplanes, flyboys' rear ends, and other things only marginally related to our story.  Filler!

Who is that smirky Kraut in the shadows, and why do we care enough to get two shots of him?

Smooth move, Saunders, taking Mark Richman's pistol when he first walks in and doesn't have time to react.

This whole charade with the fake RADAR station seems awfully elaborate.  Why not just move it?  When you shoot down all those planes, the Allies are totally gonna know they got duped and your Death Star is still fully operational.

(DA!)  But my, doesn't Saunders look all feral and triumphant as he stands over Mark Richman's body with one foot up and his eyes going all crazysexycool? 

Shouldn't these sewers be full of, I don't know, sewage or something?  Or are they storm drains?  Must be a very stormy part of France -- they're enormous!  Well-lit too.

Good thing we saved some of our Special Grenades when we blew up the first place.  They sure are handy for blowing up the Real RADAR Station.  And Kirby even has one extra to lob at the Krauts in the courtyard.  How many of those did we bring with us?

Doofy grins all around end this decidedly doofy ep.  Next, please!


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