Wow!  When did winter strike?  Man, I'm getting cold just watching this ep.  Let's pause it for a minute while I go make some hot chocolate, okay?

I'm back.  Mmm, hot chocolate!  But wait a minute -- if it's so cold out that the guys are all bundled up in unattractive parkas, how come we can't see their breath?  Hmm.

Kirby looks like Old Mother Hubbard with his scarf over his head.

When we're in the cabin, I think Kirby forgets he's wearing the radio.  He looks rather surprised when it whacks into the door frame on his way out to retrieve the box of goodies for the Mountain Man.  And you know, why didn't they just put the radio on the sled?  Does Kirby have to keep it warm with his body heat?

Once again, oh, to be an officer!  While Saunders and Company struggle with snowdrifts, floppy parkas, and uncooperative hermits, Hanley gets to stay in his little den and wear an attractive overcoat and scarf.  He looks like he's heading off on a weekend getaway to Vermont, not pitted in a life-or-death struggle to free France from their oppressors.

I love the Kraut igloo!  I want one, it's just that cool.  Plus, you've gotta give the Krauts some props for having the good sense to wear white uniforms in the snow.  Of course, one of them gets snow stuck to his chin when he's spying on our guys, but no one's perfect.

I think my mouth would get tired if I held it in a perpetual sneer like the Mountain Man does.

The Kraut interrogating Saunders has very active hair -- with every vehement word, it jiggles and squirms all over the place.  I know it's supposed to be a Serious Moment, but I keep laughing.

And leave it to the Krauts to take the phrase "put him on ice" literally.

Um, why don't our guys crack the wall up toward the window, loosen the bars, and crawl out the window?  Wouldn't that be easier than digging a whole new hole in the wall?  Or would the Krauts see them if they crawled out the window... but not if they're three feet lower?

Memo to Krauts -- this is why most jails aren't built out of snow!  You really expected our guys to just sit down there?

During the Big Chase, when the Krauts all stop skiing so they can fire off a few rounds (probably hoping to start an avalanche), the second Kraut from the left has a major problem getting his rifle slung over his shoulder again.  It looks like the strap breaks, because the rifle butt swings wild for a bit before he grabs it and skis off just holding onto it.  In the next scene, he's managed to fix it, of course.

I love how Saunders and Caje fling themselves after Kirby without a second thought!  Buddy's in trouble?  Must rescue him!  Darn any possible avalanches we might cause, full speed ahead!

I'm not terribly surprised when the Mountain Man runs off and leaves us.  I expected him to try that a lot earlier, really.

You know, our coats seem to be white on the inside -- why don't we reverse them?  Might make it hard for the Krauts to follow us.  I'm just sayin'....

(DA!)--Even in a bulky coat, Saunders still looks mighty good when he runs, doesn't he?  Sort of rangy and helter-skelter and boyish.  And what a tiger he is, taking on the Mountain Man, who outweighs him by several tubs of lard!

Huzzah!  A Patented Pep Talk at last!  I love how snarly Saunders gets here, especially with, "Nobody asked you what you wanted -- nobody asked ten million other people!"  Maybe a good alternate title for this ep would be "No Pity Parties for Perrault."  Of course, all the Krauts know where we are now 'cause of all this shouting, but oh well.

(DA!)--I never, ever, ever get tired of hearing/watching Saunders yell!  He can get angry with me any day.  And get a load of that look he gives when the Mountain Man calls, "Hey!"  It's very "whaddaya want?" even though he's the one doing the asking.  Swoooooon!

Memo to Krauts -- wouldn't it be faster and easier to take off your skis and carry them through the woods?

I'm not even going to speculate about how a bayou boy like Caje learned to ski better than Kraut snow troopers.  I'm too busy admiring Pierre Jalbert's athleticism and scruffy charm for such petty questions!  And is it me, or does it look like he's having way too much fun?

I feel a little sorry for the Mountain Man at the end.  Help a few GIs and the next thing you know, your house has turned into Grand Central Station.

So, uh, what's the little chunk of ice at the beginning and end supposed to symbolize?  The Mountain Man floating free of the rest of humanity?  This story being just a tiny piece of the big puzzle called war?  The loneliness of the human condition?  Who knows -- this ep wasn't deep enough for me to want to analyze it.


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