I think we should rename this ep "Nap, Interrupted."  Because Captain Jampel makes one of his rare appearances just to awaken Saunders, Kirby, and Hanley, and because this is one of those sleep-inducing eps that makes me want to grab a Thompson and go stir things up a bit.

But you've gotta love Charles Bronson.  He's all quiet in that first scene, just studying everyone, and he has the audacity to sketch Hanley, which makes me grin.  I wonder if they wrote this script just for Bronson, since he was an art-lover in real life, or if he heard about it and wanted in. 

Anyway, is it just me, or when Velasquez tells Hanley he has "an interesting face," does Hanley look a whole lot like Jude Law for a couple of seconds?  It's the weirdest thing.  And a really cool shot, with the smoke wreathing up around Hanley and all.

It seems to me those two Krauts we knife would have walked right past us, but of course, the lieutenant knows best.

In a different place and time, Hanley probably would've joined Velasquez in his appreciation of art.  But he has to be Mr. Moral Compass today, so that's not gonna happen.

(DA!)--I do have to mention that Hanley's hubba-hubba factor is definitely hitting the double digits today.  He's using his Fierce look, and it's working nicely.  Also, the scruffiness makes him look a tad dangerous.  Mmm.

That spool of wire flopping back and forth as Velasquez crawls along keeps making me giggle.  It's a good thing he's last in line so Hanley and Kirby aren't tempted to giggle too and give us away to the Krauts.

When they crawl under the wire the first time, Rick Jason makes hitting that tin can look pretty natural and accidental.  Nice.

There's a nice silhouette shot of two Krauts that bookends an ad break.  Very menacing.  Could've used some more like that, instead of all those boring cuts from guys in pillbox to flares to worried Americans and back.

Um, aren't we supposed to be hiding from all the scary Krauts?  How come Hanley's making all kinds of noise by banging rocks together?

(DA!)--Rear echelon aficionados get a lot to appreciate in this ep.

I get kinda bored by the looooong scene in the vault.  We get it.  It's full of priceless art.  Can we get back to the plot now?

Velasquez isn't very good at the whole lying thing, is he?  Couldn't he come up with something better than a cave in?  Just tell Hanley the rock's all wrong and it won't work -- he'll never know!

Hanley gives us a nice, throaty growl when he says, "I'll deal with you later."  He's really bad at pep talks, though.

Finally, Velasquez wises up!  Lock yourself in the vault where Hanley can't get at you, your explosives, or the art!  Why didn't you think of that before?

I'm not even gonna go into how cheesy the bloody teardrop on the statue is.  This ep feels a lot longer than 46 minutes.  No wonder I don't watch it often, despite the presence of the ever-watchable Charles Bronson.


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