Dude, we got a cooking pot!  A real one!  I guess since Billy's gone, we can't cook chickens in his helmet anymore.

Frankie Avalon makes quite the entrance, huh?   Roars in with his smug and annoying persona firmly in place from the get-go.

I love Littlejohn's line, "We only get shot with silver bullets."  So that's why we all heal so quickly!  We're always being shot by the Lone Ranger, who has sworn to shoot only to wound, never to kill.  Lucky us!  (Either that, or we're always running up against werewolf hunters with lousy aim.)

(DA!)--Doesn't Saunders look comfy today, all sprawling and leany?  Like he's just waiting for someone to come snuggle up beside him and join his snooze-fest!  Mmmmmmmm....

Okay, okay, back to the ep.  Kirby's buddy's little brother is named Eddie Cane.  Next season, in "Retribution," we'll learn that Kirby's sister was engaged to a guy named Eddie Kopachek.  Both eps were written by Edward J. Lakso... hmm.  Think he had a fondness for a certain first name?  Hee, I'm just sayin'.

Eddie's mom sent along six pounds of fruitcake for Kirby.  Is this a reference to Kirby's fruitcake line in "The Long Way Home," perhaps?  That ep was written by Lakso too.  Hmm again.

(DA!)--Is Kirby too sexy while he walks around, putting up with Eddie, or what?  His shirt's open an extra button or two, he's got an extra strut in his stride, and oooh, check out those sidelong glances he keeps shooting toward the interloper!

I totally love Hanley's reaction shots while he gets a load of Eddie's "great enthusiasm" and Kirby's "great esteem for the squad."  Nobody does reaction shots like Rick Jason.

(DA!)--Plus, Hanley looks grrrreat lounging in his jeep. 

Wow, those chicken-pluckers sure did their job in a hurry.  I've never actually plucked a chicken, but I was under the impression it took a lot longer than this seems to.  Then again, Littlejohn's a farmboy, maybe he learned a trick or two from his mom.  And there are several of them to pitch in.  Or maybe Kirby took Eddie on the scenic route.

Saunders' little hat-tilting schtick makes me giggle every time.  It's so uncharacteristically lazy and silly!  Grin grin grin.

Littlejohn's obvious antagonism toward Eddie is great, since he's usually so laid-back.  I haven't seen him this riled since Kirby used to push his buttons back in season one.

Director Sutton Roley pulls the camera up tight on Kirby's face a lot, letting us really feel him squirm.  Nice.

Hey, for once it's not Kirby that Saunders yells at to shut up.  Kirby'd probably stop to enjoy the moment if he wasn't so busy worrying about the problem child.

And then we all lie down in a nice little row, like sardines, to watch the Krauts pass.  So of course, they decide to halt right here for a picnic.

Anybody else want to hug Kirby when he asks to be allowed to take Eddie along even though he knows it'll make Saunders mad?  Poor Kirby, he definitely could use a hug about now.

And while we're at it, let's slap Eddie.  That slimy "still know how to operate" thing?  Yuck.  Slaps for him, hugs for Kirby.

While we're still at it, let's give Saunders a pat on the back for telling Kirby, "Quite a debt -- don't let the interest get too high."  He totally knows there's more to the story that he's not getting told, but he's not pushing the issue.

(DA!)--We get lots and lots and lots of shots of Saunders and Kirby running and crouching and dropping to the ground and hiding and being verrrry sneaky.  Excellent sequence with no dialog to interrupt my ogling.

Could Kirby pick a skinnier tree to hide behind while Saunders uses his field glasses to look for Kraut command cars? 

And why does Saunders need to find their command car, anyway?  To see what kind of brass they have?  Sounds like a kind of vague thing that the writer just threw in so they'd have a reason to stay out there.

But the real question is, why, oh why won't Eddie come toward Saunders and Kirby when they keep waving him forward?  I almost suspect him of being a Kraut spy trying to give away their position to the enemy.  Honestly, his behavior goes beyond stupid and green.

Wow, Caje was really keeping a sharp lookout, huh?  He and Doc and Littlejohn are all just relaxing in the shade, waiting for Saunders and company to return.

Gotta mention that Jack Hogan does a great job of looking worried and sick and tense through the whole episode.  Excellent work.

(DA!)--Okay, it's not exactly a droolage thing, but I go completely swoonified when Saunders sneaks up on Kirby and tells him he's getting too easy to kill.  He's such a sweetie, not even yelling at Kirby for disobeying orders and everything.  Sigh.

(DA!)--Aren't Saunders and Kirby cute when they peek in under the back of the Kraut tent?  Like little boys on a camping trip hoping to tie their scout leader's shoelaces together or something.  They can sneak into my tent anytime.

Why doesn't Saunders at least knock out the wounded Kraut in the tent?  I can understand not killing him, since he's blind and all, but Saunders has to know this guy's gonna raise an alarm.  Just smack him on the head with your pistol, or gag him, or something!

Totally love the nighttime car chase, all shadows and headlights and squealing tires.  It's rather noir and ends far too soon for my taste.

But why doesn't Kirby check the truck to see if Saunders is okay?  He just crawls off -- this makes no sense to me.  I know he's been knocked around a bit, but still.

Oooooh, that scene between Kirby and Eddie, where Kirby finally calls him the punk he is and tells him the truth about Tony.  When he declares he won't let Saunders die for a punk like Eddie -- yeow!  Juicy emotions galore.

And of course, the truck catches on fire.  If it had been anyone else trapped in there, it wouldn't have.  But since it's Saunders, there's fire.  Doesn't Vic do a terrific job of portraying trapped and freaked, but trying to stay calm?  And without ever saying a single word.  Wow.  Do you think the audience watching this when it first aired were reminded of "Survival" like I always am?  It sure looks like it's going through Saunders' mind.

Hey, Kirby, good throw!  Way to hoist those Krauts with their own petard.  Glad it was one of those delayed-fuse grenades, though.  Otherwise we might've had a shorter episode.  And lost one of our coolest characters.  Unless we only get blown up with silver grenades, of course.

Don't'cha love Kirby's grin at Eddie at the end?  Honestly, it's adorable.  And then Saunders gives Kirby a helmet slap too.  I love those!  (Think if I asked him nicely, he'd give me one?)

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