We open the ep with a hive of busy Kraut bumblebees.  They're fighting fire, they're bandaging wounded, they're looking perturbed because die Amerikanerin kommen....

Um... Spock speaks German?  Cool!  What a talented guy.  Not sure how handy that'll be when he gets back on the Enterprise, but whatever.

What happened to those eyes on the back of Sarge's head?  He totally misses those two sneaky SS Krauts hiding the pistol and grenades behind his back.

(DA!)--Ohmygiddyaunt, Caje looks grrrrrreat going through those papers!  His shirt is open all the way down to there!

(DA!)--Isn't Kirby adorable when he's suspicious?

Today we have the untrusting version of Saunders, combined with Grouchy Saunders, all tired of the war and generally irritable.

Okay, the one SS guy is really dumb.  His head wound must be pretty serious.  Because the potato-masher grenade in the other guy's sling is quite well-hidden, but the stuff stuck in this guy's jacket?  Totally obvious.  Idiot.

Wow, what an arm Saunders has -- he threw that second grenade with no apparent effort, and it exploded way over by those trees!

Eeeeeek, what a mood Saunders is in!  Did you see the kick he gave that hat stand or whatever it was?  Vicious!

(DA!)--Awwwww, look at Sarge with his sleeve rolled up from donating blood, his shirt all unbuttoned, slouching on those steps beside the lounge-y Caje, who also looks really lovely....

Of course, dear Saunders can't be mean and nasty forever.  Just let him look at a dying Newman for a couple seconds and he'll be reasonable.  All better now.  At least for a little while.

(DA!)--Completely dreamy close-ups of Saunders when he's deciding to go with Bauer to get the plasma.

Saunders learns more German all the time -- now he knows "verstehst" means "understand".  He's using the wrong verb form, since he certainly doesn't know that German well enough to be informal, but we'll forgive him for that since at least he's trying.

I like the little "get back and stay here" wave Saunders gives Caje as he and Bauer drive off.  It's just another sweet little Vic Morrow gesture that makes my heart glow.

Saunders seems to have a lot of trouble getting in and out of this truck. 

(DA!)--He looks very nice standing on top of the truck though, one leg up on the hood.  You could make a statue of him there into a great war memorial.  And put it on my front lawn.

Eek -- that looks really dangerous, Vic Morrow putting that chock of wood or whatever under the spinning tire.  Gets him nice and muddy though.

Oh goody goody gumdrops, more SS.  I guess the writers realized the ep was getting a little dull, so they sent in a couple guys with guns to liven things up.  But then they sent in an American plane to scare off the SS.  Hmm.

Yes, Saunders and Bauer, dozens of men are dying for lack of plasma, but by all means, put that baby bird back in its nest! 

Ahh yes, I am Sgt. Saunders, the manly man.  If I accidentally smile, I must spend the next five minutes being extra grumpy to make up for it.  Harrumph.

You know, Saunders doesn't usually take stuff from dead Krauts, except maybe a weapon if he's lost his own.  Taking the binoculars seems uncharacteristic, just a plot device so he can have them a few minutes later.

Oooooooh, the cold fury on Saunders's face when Bauer pulls that pistol on him!  I would hate to be Bauer!  He's gonna be in so much trouble!

And then, after a little excitement, we get all maudlin back at the aid station, taking close-ups of people's hands on plasma bottles, etc.  I don't think mixing Grouchy Saunders and morality tales works very well, it makes for a kind of uneven ep.


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