I recall this as being a rather dull ep.  In fact, my brother and I usually skipped it when watching through our Combat! tapes in order.  I think watching it to write these comments probably makes only the second time I've ever seen it.  Guess I'm about to find out if it really is a dull ep, or if my adolescent self thought it was boring just because Sgt. Saunders isn't in it.

(DA!)--Well, this starts promisingly enough, with the guys looking all hot and weary!  It's warm outside today, and Caje has had the good sense to take appropriate measures:  he's unbuttoned his shirt a bit and rolled up his sleeves -- I wish the others were so smart!

Oh look, a timid Frenchman with a cart!  And pigeons!  He must be up to no good -- let's pick a fight with him and stab him in the stomach... er, what?  Isn't that kind of an extreme reaction?  He seemed harmless enough.  I think Lt. Hanley ought to smack the Cranky French Dude!

And what's with this guy and the pigeons?  Why does he let most of them go, then hold onto one of them?  Wouldn't it have been easier to carry the whole cage than one struggling bird?  And why is the radio antenna bent?  And why didn't our boys chuck the food tins at Cranky French Dude instead of back into the cart?

Um, okay, Cranky French Dude's "friends" sure are into hugging.  Like Hanley said a little earlier, "No comment."  We won't even touch the whole issue with the Spaniard who's a "great lover" but has never kissed any woman but his mother.  Just not gonna go there.  I say we leave these "friends" here and get on with our story.  If they want to have lunch and toast marshmallows, let them.  I bet we'd have a much nicer ep without them.

Hey, I think that's the same shot of the clouds passing the moon that we just saw in "Barrage."  So this is what Hanley and the squad were up to while Saunders was trapped in the mine!

(DA!)--You know, Hanley's looking kinda manly and rugged today, particularly when he's closing the truck's back doors after everyone piles out.  Has a nice beard and some excellent grime going on too.  Studly stuff!

Okay, did we drive around in that truck all night long?  That's a wood-burning engine -- just how much wood did we have along to fuel it?  Cuz it was night when we stole the explosives, but now the sun's up and there are twittery birds somewhere nearby... and I didn't see a big pile of wood in the back of the truck....

I can't help wondering how Saunders would've handled this if he was here with us instead of stuck in some mine with a vacillating Kraut named Hans.  Something tells me if he was here, we wouldn't be schlepping explosives up a mountain.

Um, and when did Cranky French Dude get shot in the arm?  All of a sudden he's rubbing it and it's kinda bloody... was I so bored I totally missed someone getting irritated enough to shoot him?

I want to know why the short jumpy French guy is so scared of Krauts.  Was he captured and tortured once upon a time?  Is he just really shy?  This is never explained, not even a teeny bit.  Hmph.

Why does Hanley have to count to six between repeats of his radio message?  I've never seen him do that before.  And what's up with calling in without identifying himself?  Is this G2 or S2 rigmarole?

And, um, Hanley, I hate to disagree with you, since you're a superior officer and all, but I don't think our odds will improve if Cranky French Dude comes along on our way back home.  Look at how many people he's gotten killed already!

You know, even the firefights in this ep are dull.  I can't help wishing the Cranky French Dude would die already so this ep could end.  My teenage instincts were on target, it seems -- this is not an ep I'll be rewatching any time soon.  Next episode, please.


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