Any ep that includes a wide yawn from Littlejohn is earmarked for funniness, right?  Especially if the yawn is closely followed by three shapely French chicks.  I love the guys' reactions to the women, Caje lifting his helmet, Kirby looking stunned. 

(DA!)--And did you notice how our guys are especially dirty?  Just to make them look even studlier later on, of course.

In this ep, Littlejohn will be playing the part of The Voice Of Reason.  However, I suspect that while we're off being entertained by the Three Little Wolves, he just might have his own rendezvous some cute farm girl planned.  He's not as innocent as he wants you to think! 

Wait a minute -- Sarge left Kirby as the acting corporal?  Wow!  Why?  Why not give the job to The Voice Of Reason?  He'd make a more logical choice.  Oh well, maybe Saunders was in a generous mood.  Or on drugs.

Okay, I love the honky-tonk music that accompanies the three French chicks.  But that whole freeze-frame thing during the credits?  That has to go.

Hanley should get more comedy scenes.  He's a marvelous straight man!  The whole bit where the guys salute him, and Hanley looks like he's just been struck by lightning?  Brilliant facial reactions!

Also, nice grumpy face Hanley gives when backing up his jeep in preparation to leave this funny farm.  Is he pouting because he has to drive his own jeep for once?

(DA!)--Be still, my rapidly-palpitating heart!  First we throw Kirby in the river, then Billy and Caje jump in after him!  They all get joyously wet!  If only Saunders would come back and join them!  Oh well, nice scenery anyway.  Don't you love Billy's little-boy arm-swinging leap juxtaposed next to Caje's nice bent-legged dive?

Nice of us to help ourselves to some poor barber's shaving cream and aftershave.

(DA!)--And HOLY COW!  Look at Caje!  Sleeves rolled up, hair gleaming, shirt unbuttoned... can I have him for lunch?  Tasty!  Sadly, three seconds later he'll have a jacket and helmet on again, ruining the view.

Love Billy's, "They're probably clerks, they don't get dirty."  In fact, Tom Lowell rocks at humor!  Check out his little eyebrow raise when they're discussing the competition.  Darling!

(DA!)--Okay, Caje can lounge at a table and grinningly leer at me any time! 

Again with Billy's perfect humor -- watch him carry that wine to the table oh-so-very-carefully.  Perfect!  And that story about being a clerk and tired of putting through so many court-martials?  Sweet!

I kinda feel sorry for Rafferty the Mud Man and the Sapper Suckers.  They're just not tricksy enough.  Had too many stripes on their sleeves for too long, they're out of touch or something.

Speaking of the Sapper Suckers, that's a very nice round hole they've dug themselves.  Either they have a lot of practice or they're obsessive perfectionists.

(DA!)--Check out Caje sprawled in the hay after catching that goose! 

Moral of this story:  if there's one thing American GIs are suckers for, it's pretty girls.  And if there's two things, it's pretty girls and little kids. 


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