Before I begin, just let me say that yes, they really did have chain link fences back in the 1940s.  So stop wondering about it and watch the episode!

It's so cool that we get to use a new set in this ep!  Not that I don't love the little back lot village where we generally hang out, but new scenery is refreshing.

How do the Krauts up in the tower not notice Saunders and Kirby wandering around?  They're not sticking to cover all that closely, so the Krauts must be either very unobservant or very absorbed in their binoculars.

Um, now that Kirby's started hearing voices, we start crossing open spaces?  Not even remotely staying under cover?  Sigh.  Saunders, Saunders, you know better than that.  So do you, Kirby.

You know, for being such a big-shot hunter, Heismann totally missed hitting either Saunders or Kirby like five times while they were out in the open. 

For once, a wound has one of our guys down for the count -- Kirby can barely moan, much less crawl back under cover.  Not like our usual shoulder wounds, which we slap a bandage on while continuing to fend off Krauts. 

Um, Saunders, did you forget to take your Smart Pills this morning or something?  Don't assume a Kraut is dead just because you shot him and he fell off a roof!  Sometimes the scriptwriters get tricksy -- you should know that by now.

(DA!)--Just a general comment on all the running and crouching and rolling in the dirt Saunders does in this episode.  Nice, isn't it?  Worth re-watching a few minutes to savor it all, I'd say.

I love how Saunders says "Your radio's busted."  The emphasis he puts on "busted" is just plain cool.

Hey, Heismann, don't you think Kirby might wonder why his brother George suddenly acquired a German accent?

The way Heismann says the word "repugnant" makes me giggle.  He squinches up his face when he says it, in case any of us idiot-box worshipers don't know what it means.

Saunders is deliciously vehement when he flings away the receiver as he rips apart the Kraut phone.  Kind of reminds me of his angry cup-whipping in "What Are the Bugles Blowin' For?"  Seriously wouldn't want to be around him when he got mad.  Except to watch from a safe distance, of course.

Hey, how come that keg is full of deep shadows when Saunders tosses the jammed Thompson in it, but then when Heismann glances in it, it's brightly illuminated?  Evil collaborationist keg!

Earl Parker gets to do some delightful acrobatics while climbing up into that loft.  Bet he had fun doing something other than falling down dead.

Did you ever read the short story "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell?  I think Heismann read it at Gymnasium and thought he could improve on the ending.  Sorry, Heismann, but Saunders is just a leeetle too smart for you!

Gee, no wonder they refurbished the winery where they filmed this -- the American artillery blows it to bits!

This is one of those eps that is good enough I can't mock much about it, but contains very few things for me to drool over.  Then again, after "Mail Call" I don't have much drool left anyway....


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