You know, when we open on an exciting firefight between American and Nazi troops, do they really need to announce that it's Combat!?  What, are they afraid we'll think it's The Andy Griffith Show or something?

Oh great, it's Zorro's prankster buddy -- I mean, Richard Anderson.  I first saw him in an episode of Disney's Zorro and I guess I always kind of identify him with that role.  But honestly, does he ever play a character that isn't annoying?

At least Perkins admits he's not worth anything in the field.  Most of our problem people think they're the best thing to happen to the Army since tinned beef.

(DA!)--Hey, Hanley's looking pretty good today, stomping about in his CP all disgusted by the situation, by his job, by the war in general.  And Saunders looks pretty nice too, but tired rather than disgusted.  And he sounds a little nasal, like maybe he has a cold.

That's a nice little scene between Hanley and Saunders, with Hanley trying to joke a little and lighten the mood, then getting serious again.

Great quote from Saunders:  "An oddball and a bunch of civilians -- some way to run a war."  I agree, but that's the kind of things that makes for an interesting episode, sweetie.  Or should -- doesn't quite work here, I'm afraid.  Or maybe I'm just too annoyed by Perkins' prima donna behavior to really care much about him.

Hey, Perkins, quit trying to psychoanalyze Saunders!  A) It never works, and B) you're wrong -- he's not casual about dying or about life.  Kirby's got a point here; Saunders takes a lot more lip from Perkins than usual.  Maybe he's too tired from his cold to bother growling.

Oh great, Krauts stopping on the road for lunch or a potty break or whatever, right in our path as usual.  Those lousy Krauts, always making our lives so difficult.  Tsk, tsk.

(DA!)--Some nice crawling done by Saunders and Caje as we try to sneak around the Krauts, but Kirby's is all done off camera, alas.

(DA!)--Caje should wear radios or backpacks more often -- the straps pull his coat back and define his shoulders so nicely!

Oh, a cute French boy!  Can I have his hat?

Okay, now I totally hate Perkins -- accusing Saunders of having no worth or dignity, just blind animal courage.  Them's fightin' words, bub!

(DA!)--Saunders does finally get angry with Perkins and treats us to some tasty over-the-shoulder glares.  But couldn't he do a little yelling too?

I love Jaques' eyes, they're very expressive.  If I'd seen this ep as a kid, I think I might have fallen a little in love with him.

Gotta love Kirby calling Perkins "Sergeant Fauntleroy."  Wouldn't it be fun to be someone like Kirby?  Always getting to say what you think, although getting into trouble for it sometimes wouldn't be quite so fun.

We interrupt this episode to bring you some tanks, motorcycles, and a few Kraut troops.

Wow, those Krauts are sneaky!  They've disguised their radio-finding truck as an American ambulance!  Gotta watch out for those Krauts, they're always thinkin'.

You've gotta feel bad for Jaques and his Grandmère -- not only does Grandpère die, but their house gets shot to bits.  At least the squad sticks around long enough to clean up the dead Krauts.  That was considerate of us.

You know, after all the screwballs Saunders has been stuck with by now, you'd think he would have figured out "it takes all kinds" long ago.

Oh well, not all episodes can be as good as "The Hostages," eh?  Next, please!


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