Aww, we open with a joking Saunders.  "Will the bridge players hold up the game a minute?"  Sure, anything you say, Sarge!  Just smile one more time, will ya?

What on earth is Kirby wearing?  A spare pair of pants tied around his neck?  Hmm.  If this is the new Summer Look, I'm not impressed.

Doesn't Putnam have the freshest smile since, oh, Billy Nelson?  Though why would he want to be called Putt -- it makes me think of Putt-Putt Mini-Golf.  Or the noise a wimpy little car makes.  Oh well, it's his nickname, not mine.  Better than Orville, I suppose.

So basically, Putt is taking the whole "playing soldier" thing to the next level.  Gilbert from "The Volunteer" and Bijou from "The Little Jewel" sure could take lessons from him.  He's actually managed to finagle himself into the real army, though we never find out how.  Probably faked his birth certificate, I expect.

(DA!)--Saunders makes reading look sexy!  We should put his picture up in libraries.

(DA!)--And check out that little glare he gives Harvey after handing the newspaper clipping back to Putt!  Mmmm.  It's almost worth risking his wrath just to get one of those glares, isn't it?

You know, I thought only Kirby could make Billy mad, but Putt does it with ease.  Guess all you really have to do is insult his competence.  I'll have to remember that -- unlike Saunders, Billy doesn't get cuter when he's mad, so I won't bother riling him.

Sarge, no one would confuse you with Aunt Minnie, but the chaplain... that can be a tough call.  You're awfully good at hearing confessions, after all.

(DA!)--Whooo doggies, is Caje looking delish today, or what?  He's just hanging out in the background at the café/bar, keeping all lurky and simmery.

Um, Kirby, of course there's Krauts out there.  That's why we have to go on patrol.  Sorta our raison d'etre, or did you think you were just off on a nature hike?

I get goose-bumpy and solemn when Putt starts calling that dead Kraut "mister."  I also like his twitchy, fluttery movements later on when he begs Harvey not to be dead.  Sure, Beau Bridges is the same age as Tom Lowell, but he pulls off the scared teenager thing very well.  Maybe it's the round face.

Well, hello, Hanley!  I didn't know you were lurking around here.  Are you keeping a low profile so no one will notice you're gone if someone decides to send you out on a secret mission again?

This Fauvette chick sure is well known around here!  She can just waltz right into Hanley's CP, no questions asked, and Hanley's all, "Oh, hi, how're you today?  Thank you for interrupting my manly pacing, what can I do for you?"  Either Fauvette gets around, or hers is the only place in town where you can buy booze.

Um, so Saunders tells us to stay down and fan out to find Putt and Harvey... so everyone stands up and moves off as a group?  Gee, we follow directions well.

Everyone knows about Hanley's aide switching around the call signs when he's trying to raise Saunders on the radio, so I won't bother mentioning it.  Maybe he was just a fan who begged to get a little role, and then flubbed his lines 'cause he was nervous.

Okay, so Putt spots this anomalous branch in a tree and sets off to investigate... without a gun?  What's he gonna do, throw rocks at whoever's hiding up there?  He's young, but he didn't strike me as completely stupid.  Huh.

Wow, we get a lot of mileage out of our call signs today.  Everyone repeats them like nineteen times whenever they use the radio.  What is this, script padding?  "Oh, we can't think of anything else for them to say.  Just use their call signs a bunch, that'll fill up some empty space."

And I'm laughing out loud!  I bet that's the first time Saunders has given someone a dressing-down and they've replied, "Gee, I'm glad to see you, Sarge."  No wilting, no cringing, just boyish enthusiasm.  Putt's got guts!

Yes, folks, this is the ep where Saunders utters that immortal command:  "You stick close to me, you hear?  Right on top of me!"  Bet no one shooting that show anticipated how out-of-contextually beloved that would one day be.

Holy good aiming, Sarge!  You got those Krauts with one short burst every time!  Well, except the last one, you had to get him on the ground 'cause he didn't play fair and tried to jump out of his tree.  Actually, I think this whole ep is an exercise to see how many different ways a stunt man can fall out of a tree and roll down a hill.

And now we're having our happy wrap-up.  Well, happy for everyone except Saunders -- Fauvette may be a nice girl and all, but it seems she makes lousy lemonade, judging by the face he pulls.

Sniff.  This is Billy's last episode.  Sniff sniff.  I miss him already!

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