Now that's what I call a barrage!

Ouch!  Someone just fell right into the camera!  That's gotta hurt.

(DA!)--Even unconscious, Hanley still looks mighty tasty!  Though I think this ep is really here just to demonstrate Rick Jason's ability to roll his eyes and flutter his eyelashes.

(DA!)--Oooh, he looks mighty nice leaning against that tree while being searched!  This ep is starting off so well.

Okay, um, who carries their dog tags in their pocket while they're disguised as they enemy?  If you get caught, you get shot as a spy.  At least put them in your boot or something. 

I love all Hanley's sideways glances while Bacon spins his story.  You can see he doesn't totally believe this guy.  Still, he seems to be recovering from his unconsciousness quickly, now that he knows he needs to go rescue some Top Brass.

Then again, Hanley's wits still seem a little off -- why else would he ask Bacon questions in English while there are two Krauts marching right beside them?  Hanley's usually brighter than that.

(DA!)--Hanley fans will greatly enjoy his performance climbing into that truck.

Yeah, sure, running is a good plan.  Except, as we all know, Hanley can't run.  Apparently no one explained that to Bacon.

Ah yes, the old "hide in the bushes" trick -- they'll totally fall for that one.

You know, the moon is always full in France, ever notice that?  No wonder it's such a romantic place.

I think Rick Jason screws up a line.  He and Bacon are chatting in the moonlight, and Hanley says, "No.  If he was dead, they still wouldn't be here."  That doesn't really make sense, does it?  He hesitates while saying it, and his eyes dart back and forth like he's trying to remember something.  I think it would make more sense as "they wouldn't still be here."  But it could just be me.

May I say I love the "sneaking" score -- it's all plunky and stealthy.

Hanley and Bacon give us a nice lesson in How Not to Be Seen... by sharing one tree for their cover!  I'm giggling aloud.

Ah yes, the old "chuck rocks at the sentry" trick.  Works every time.  So does the old "duck behind the convenient partition" trick.  Good thing Hanley knows all these tricks, or we'd be in a real pickle.

Oh come on, Hanley, stop feeding him info about rocket launchers and whatever.  Get smart already! 

You know, this seems like an awfully elaborate plan just to get info on those new rocket launchers.  It hinges on such a tiny thing, Bacon being able to find a lieutenant wandering around in the woods.  What if he hadn't found one?  Would he just keep looking and looking for days, while the fake colonel and the other Krauts stayed at the encampment and played wounded/dead/vicious?

Actually, they would've gotten away with it if they hadn't gotten greedy and started asking Hanley about tanks and tank destroyers too.  That's what finally tips him off.  If they'd just been content to know what the rocket launchers look like and where all our divisions are, they'd have been fine.

Ow!  Hanley's knocked out again!  And they hit him so hard, he loses the use of the right side of his mouth.  Fortunately, he's got lots of practice talking out of only one side of his mouth, so it doesn't inconvenience him too much.

(DA!)--I think Hanley should get outsmarted more often.  He looks pretty foxy sitting on the ground, glaring up at Bacon.

Despite his increasingly severe Silly Putty facial wound, Hanley does put up a good fight with the fake colonel.  And I think he should keep the Luger, because he's a good shot with it, and it looks good on him.  Fits his whole super-spy image.

Hey, those Kraut rifles are really something!  Hanley aims at the fake colonel's knee, and the bullet hits him in the belly.

And Hanley, lucky as always, even finds himself a guy with a jeep to drive him home.  If I was the jeep guy, though, I'd ask Hanley a few questions of my own.  He looks none too trustworthy with that severe facial... problem.

Anyway, this was a cool episode!  The plot kept me guessing, and had some nice twists that were very organic to the story and not just there to confuse people. 


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