Boy!  Don't we look tired!  Not very cranky though -- wherever we were when we got all dirty and tired, we must have been having fun, cuz nobody's really yelling at Kirby for being a whiner. 

I totally giggle when all Saunders has to do is shake his head and squinch up his face to let Kirby know it's time to Knock It Off. 

I like how James Coburn lapses into a slight German accent as soon as he's out of earshot of our guys.  Nice touch.

By the way, I just read in some book or other that the difference between suspense and mystery is that in a suspense story, the audience knows what the bad guys are doing, so they know what the good guys are up against even though the good guys don't, and that makes things more tense.  In a mystery, usually the audience doesn't know much more than the good guy does.  This has been a public service announcement.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

James Coburn is so oddly put together, isn't he?  All bony angles and sharp edges.  Kinda creepy, really.  Even when he plays a good guy, like in "The Magnificent Seven" or "The Great Escape," he's a little creepy.

Oh yes, by the way, nice tactics displayed here by our guys.  We can all learn something from them.  Listen up, folks: when you hear a very loud noise that may be a mine or a shell or a grenade, run TOWARD it!  Good plan, very safe.

(DA!)--(You were starting to think there weren't gonna be any of these for this ep, didn't you?)  Mmmm!  I do love it whenever Saunders says, "Kirby, SHUT UP!"  There's no substitute for that, there really isn't.

(DA!)--By the way, isn't Saunders looking particularly sexxy today?  He's scruffy and sweaty and kinda dirrty, and his shirt collar is temptingly opened.  Yum yum yum! 

You can't get anything past that Saunders, can you?  I mean, he's suspicious of those two ringers already!  Quizzing the "Lt" on sports and towns.  Of course, the "Lt" is really bad at this infiltration thing.  He overplays stuff even more than Kanger, with his "cup of java" and all...

Dude, how come Kirby doesn't give us a little spiel about how lieutenants always get to ride?  Hanley totally hitches a ride with that doctor and spends the rest of the ep in a jeep or a building!  No walking for him!

No one plays meeean like James Coburn!  Look at how evil he gets when he says, "Oh, I forgot, officers can't fraternize."  Very scary teeth he's got there.  (Okay, you're right, Lee Marvin can go just as mean.)

I like how Saunders just watches and listens during the poker game.  He's sooo playing watchdog in this ep!

Awww, hey there, Doc!  Haven't seen you for a while.  Too bad you don't get to do much except sit in this little stall and look worried.  Don't worry, better eps will come your way.

Okay, if I had to watch Kanger eat, I think I would be de-appetized for the rest of the war.  Honestly, he really is very animalistic!  Nice work on the part of James Coburn again -- he's fantastic in this ep.  You can tell he had so much fun filming this.

    Um, is it me, or does Kanger refer to Saunders as "Sgt. Sawyer" at one point?  During the firefight, when he's mocking the "Lt", he says, "How're you gonna explain that to Sgt. Sawyer?"  Is he referring to someone else?  Or is this just a mistake on Coburn's part?  Or are my ears going fuzzy?

See?  Hanley returns with the jeep, but no doctor.  Not only did he sweet talk his way into hitching a ride, he managed to hang onto the jeep too!

(DA!)--Mmmmm, Caje looks spiffy today...

Hey, what kinds of games to Hanley and Saunders play?  Pinochle?  Parcheesi?  Cuz Hanley says, "Look, I'm pretty busy.  Let's play games tomorrow, Saunders."  I want to play too!  Please please please can I play games with Saunders?  I like all kinds of games:  Tickle Wars, Hide & Seek, Blind Man's Bluff, Guess What I've Got in My Pocketses... I'm all about the games!

Seriously, why won't Hanley listen to Saunders?  When has Saunders ever been wrong?  And if, as it turns out later, he really does listen, why give Sarge all this grief about it?  Dork!  Although, I do have to grin when he says, "A lot of second lieutenants are strange."  Very cute moment there.

And man oh man, is Saunders MAD!  Hanley had better watch out!

I love Cooper the ambulance driver.  He's so fun!

I'm tellin' you, Hanley, you had better watch your step.  Check out that glare Saunders shoots his way when he finds out Hanley DID check with Battalion.

Actually, it turns out to be a good thing that Saunders is getting all mean and edgy and grumpy, cuz he gets to take it out on Kanger.  The two of them are magnificent together, like two angry dogs circling each other, snarling and waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump. 

But hey!  I object to Kanger's implications that Saunders is, er, unmanly!  I happen to know that Saunders has gotten plenty of kicks!  I've watched "A Day in June" often enough to know that, believe you me.  He is not an unkicked person.  Hmph hmph hmph to you, Kanger!  How'd you like to get kicked by an angry White Queen?  Right in the teeth I'll kick you!

Sorry, I'll try to calm down.  You just can't mess with my Sarge without gettin' me a little riled.

Oh, did you see that flinch of anger Saunders does when Hanley tells Kanger he can take off?  I sense fireworks ahead!

Gotta laugh, though, when Kirby asks Cooper to bring back some comic books next trip ;-)

Okay, when Hanley tells Saunders that the ringers are ringers, and Saunders says, "I was right" -- I do not know how much they paid that door to make this episode, but it wasn't enough!  That is one vicious shove Saunders gives it.

Waaaaaaah!  Kanger killed Cooper!  No fair!

Hey, aren't Kirby and Littlejohn really chummy all of a sudden?  As they question Saunders about Kanger, they're very buddy-buddy.  I guess Caje must be a little surprised by that too, cuz he obviously isn't paying attention -- he asks Sarge exactly the same thing Kirby just asked!

And here's Hanley in a jeep again!  He tells Saunders to scrounge up his own jeep -- why can't Sarge just have this one?  Not like Hanley has trouble coming up with them.  What a selfish meanie.  Then again, maybe he's attached to this jeep, and knowing what a speed-demon Saunders is, he doesn't want to risk it getting ruined.

(DA!)--What a fantastic angry expression Saunders gets when he finds out Cooper's dead... and then he goes stomping around slamming stuff... and just watch him run up that hill!  Zowie!  I could handle a few more shots like that!

Of course, Kanger does the typical Bad Guy thing.  He sits down and explains everything to Sarge.  And then, proving he's a total idiot, he turns his back on Saunders for long stretches of time just to chat with some Krauts!  I have to cheer when he gets "hoist with his own petard," as it were!  (Okay, fine, the petard actually belonged to the dead guy -- stop being so literal!  You know what I meant.)

It's a good thing those surviving Krauts don't come investigate to see if there are any other Americans around.  Gives Saunders a chance to crawl away.

(DA!)--And gives me a lot of nice crawling-Saunders shots to drool over too!  What helpful Krauts!

One last thing -- is that sentry sitting inside a metal culvert?  Why does he sound all echoey?  Couldn't be some sloppy ADR work, could it?

I lied.  This is the last thing:  Hooray for suckers!  Couldn't manage without them.


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