The creators obviously wanted to make the audience very aware that this ep is a comedy.  From the first empty-bottle clink of the score to the way the guys keep popping around the corner of that building like eager jackrabbits, you can tell this is going to be a silly episode.  At least, I hope you can.  If you think it's going to be another serious, meaty, thought-provoking piece of drama, you're in for a leeeetle surprise.

Enter the Ditzy Nuns.  Well, one Ditzy Nun and three Ditzy Novices, I suppose.  They're carting around their dead Mother Superior and I'm rather sad for them, especially the old nun.  She looks quite stricken.  And poor Doc, having to give the "She's dead, Jim" diagnosis.

Also, poor Hanley!  He looks so frustrated and puzzled, particularly when he agrees to take them along.  If only he knew....

Good ol' Kirby, noticing one female is missing.  If anyone would be keeping an accurate headcount of feminine types, it'd be Kirby.  And I love his indignation at the idea of the nuns leaving a baby in the rubble.  It's not exactly characteristic, since he's not usually the great Defender of Womanhood and Religion, but it somehow fits.  And gives him a chance to make some great "I'm indignant" faces.

Poor Littlejohn gets stuck with the radio.  Caje just thinks he's sooooo important now that he gets to play interpreter.  No time for mundane things like radios anymore.

By the way, Rick Jason has HUGE hands!  When he covers the old nun's face to keep her quiet -- wow!  His thumb is the size of her whole nose!

The guys sure do get friendly on their little jaunt through the woods -- even Doc has his arm around a novice.  To help her walk, I'm sure.

We come to a road that has a little guard rail thingie along it.  Hanley manfully steps over it... but if he'd just taken a step or two to his right, he could have avoided all that unnecessary exertion, because the guard rail ends right there!  But no, he even steps back over it again! 

Okay, Littlejohn is simply adorable in this ep.  I love seeing him all crouched up under that tiny bridge.  His knees take up the whole camera frame!  And he totally cracks me up with his solemn, "Wonderful, wonderful ladies," and the little headshake. 

And once again, those inconsiderate Krauts have to stop right next to our hiding spot to... take a smoke break?  Sheesh.

Littlejohn whacks his head on the barn doorway, then stumbles over the wagon tongue, just in case we forgot this is supposed to be a comedy.  And check out the way Doc is grinning at Littlejohn's clumsiness!  It's like he's glad he wasn't the one chosen to do the sight gags.

Kirby waking up is so cute, especially as he walks up to Hanley, smacking his mouth and blinking like a hungry baby owl.

(DA!)--Caje has his sleeves rolled up while he's on watch outside the barn!  Yawns very yummily too.

The light behind that tree as we go back into the village is really creepy.

Maybe that's why the poor Kraut officer looks pretty scared when this wacko nun waltzes into his new office and picks up some old statue.  Maybe he thought this was going to be a dramatic ep, and he thinks the creepy light in the village was a foreshadowing that this nun's going to do some sabotage or something.

Why can't Hanley make his own phone calls?  Caje and Kirby always have to put the call through, and then Hanley will condescend to talk.  I'm surprised they don't have to hold the receiver to his ear for him too.

Speaking of Hanley's hands, he has really bendy fingers -- check 'em out when he's on the radio.  His ring finger especially is bent at a really weird angle.

It's rather odd that the nuns let Doc carry their precious statue.  I'd think they would go all "no touchee!" over it, not let some American infidel soldier touch it, much less carry it.

Hanley's just having a bad day.  Maybe the ditzyness is rubbing off on him, because now he can't even remember his own S.O.Is... Kirby has to do it for him.  Not that Kirby would be likely to forget things like "chorus girls" anyway.

And I'm sorry, but every time they say they're gonna throw confetti at the Krauts, I get this mental image of the Krauts getting showered with bits of paper, looking confused, and wondering if they forgot it was New Year's Eve.

Wait a second... Lt. Hanley is carrying his own radio?  No way!  Take note of this, everyone, this is surely an unprecedented event. 

I'm sorry for mocking Hanley, but everyone else is doing it.  Laughing at him, in fact.  He looks like he wants to cry.  I'd feel sorry for him if I wasn't giggling.




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