This ep is always in my top ten list.  I love it.

In the opener, Saunders sounds very worried, more so than normal.  And I can see why -- there are a lot of special effects going on today.  I'd be worried too.

Okay, whoever did Billy's stunt when he gets hit by the shell and does a back flip into the crater -- that guy rocks. 

There are some very odd camera angles in this ep.  Especially the noir-ish one for the shot of the squad running down the stairs into the cellar. 

I love Littlejohn in this episode.  He really comes to life, starting with his frantic jumping in an attempt to see out the window.  And isn't Saunders sweet, letting Littlejohn come with him to get Billy, despite his admitted two left feet? 

I love how Sutton Roley, the director, has lots and lots of people in so many shots down in that cellar.  It makes things feel very claustrophobic, even for the viewers.  And Jo points out that it makes us feel closer to the action and danger too.

Doesn't Littlejohn have the loveliest soft expressions in his eyes in this ep?  I think this ep is directly responsible for my affection for him that led to me writing "Dying Like Men."  He's so much more than a clumsy, oafish farm boy.

And isn't Tom Lowell heart-wrenchingly perfect?  Very convincing, with his moaning and writhing, with the occasional shriek thrown in for good measure.

(DA!)--Mmmm.  Caje has his sleeves rolled up again.  Nice trend he's got going on in these last few eps.  He looks fantastic today, all concerned and worried and sexxxy....

Vic Morrow is superb in this ep too, bouncing from trying to calm Billy down to worrying about living up to those promises he just made.  He switches from one emotion to another very deftly.  Swoon.

Oooh, nice knife-catching there, Caje!  Brave man.

Speaking of Caje, he has quite the beard going on in this ep.  What's up with that?  No one else is even scruffy, but Caje is getting all woodsman-ish.  Hmm.

(DA!)--Stairs for Saunders to climb!  All right!  And doesn't he look lovely as he checks out that adjoining cellar, all alert and intense.  How nicely he whips back against the wall when he hears German words at the top of those stairs.

Again with the weird camera-work -- that's quite the stomach-swirling swoop to a close-up of Littlejohn for his "It might as well be on the moon."

(DA!)--Mmmm, I like this hole in the wall we keep crawling through.

We're very lucky those stairs don't creak.  And you know, if I was gonna sneak into a room full of my sleeping enemies, I think I'd take off my big clompy boots.  It's easier to tiptoe in stocking feet.  Or barefoot -- where's Moseby Lovelace when we need him?

Also, I'd take off my oh-so-obviously-American field jacket.  In shirt sleeves I'd probably look more German, should one of them inevitably wake up and wonder who that blond guy by the water bucket is.

Why does Kirby leave his knife in the Kraut?  Not only is that a big clue for the Germans, but we also seem to have a shortage of knives, since a certain sergeant never has one of his own.  Silly Kirby.

(DA!)--Yummy!  Saunders's shirt is open and he's scratching his head.  Anybody else notice how well-behaved his hair is being today?  Plus he's got his sleeves rolled up, and I think he's had one of those extra-special haircuts again... the back of his neck is looking particularly tasty.  Just a few more reasons to love this ep!

Thank goodness for deaf sentries.  How did he not hear Billy and Saunders and Littlejohn all clamoring and yowling at once?

Kirby wants to turn this ep into a remake of "I Swear by Apollo" -- doesn't he remember how much trouble captured German surgeons can be?

Okay, is this street actually on a big aircraft carrier or something?  Because our first several shots of the street from the cellar window show it slanted to the right... so I assumed it was on a hill.  But now all of a sudden it's slanted to the left!  How odd.

Oooooh, Littlejohn does stony glares of anger very well.  Wouldn't want to be on his bad side.

I'm really surprised the sentries never stop in front of our cellar window to smoke or eat or chat.  Most Krauts have an uncanny ability to chose our hiding spots to do those things.

Come on, Saunders has to know that Littlejohn's not going to stay in that cellar.  At least he catches on later and goes to rescue Littlejohn and Billy, despite making us think for a minute or two that he won't.

Saunders is way too cute at the end.  All semi-serious and playful.  I love the way he says the word "appreciate," don't you?  He's so adorable when he's mischievous!  I bet he was a handful as a kid, always getting into trouble and then charming his way out....


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