What an unusual opening -- no guns, no explosions, just a bunch of silent G.I.s.  We eventually find out why they're all so serious, and by then, the tone for the whole ep has been set.  Nice.

But honestly, what girl would choose Mason over Caje?  Especially with Caje all bearded and unbuttoned... I don't buy it.

Mmm, we're not even five minutes into the ep, and already Saunders is mad enough to snap at Mason.  This certainly bodes well!  For me, not for Mason, of course.

Another unusual thing about this ep -- not one shot is fired before the opening credits.

Poor brunet Barnett does a nosedive right into the camera -- what a shame, as there's a shortage of nice-looking large noses in this world, and it would be a pity to damage Fletcher Fist's.

I like the slow shot panning past each guy in turn as they hide behind the tree trunk.  It's full of pondering and patience, much like the whole ep.

Bernard Kates, who plays Hacker, is kinda funny looking, like a knock-off version of Frank Gorshin, don't you think?

So, does Hanley's latest aide just sit around with a radio receiver pressed to his ear all the time, hoping and praying someone will call so he doesn't have to file any more paperwork?

(DA!)--People should pull guns on Saunders more often.  Not only does he look dead-sexy while staring down that rifle, but his voice gets all breathy and earnest.  Swoon!  Hey, I'll pull a gun on him any day if it means he'll put his arm around me and 'splain things.  Pardon me while I pause in my reporting to daydream about that....

Anyway, um, what was I talking about?  Oh yeah.  You know, Saunders should've thrown the morphine himself -- Hacker may have a good arm, but Saunders has a great arm.  He could've chucked that morphine right into Mason's lap.

And why does Mason haul himself half up the tree to try to get the morphine?  He could've just crawled forward a little and grabbed it.

Kirby gets a famous line here:  "Lousy, stinkin' Krauts."  Great delivery on Jack Hogan's part, too.

If Caje and Hacker can get those two Krauts who were on our flank, why can't they just keep going, get behind the machine gun nest, and pop in a few grenades?  I know, I know, because then the ep would be over too soon, but still.

These Krauts aren't very chatty, are they?  I think Hacker has more German lines than they do.  Probably so they don't get to know each other much so they won't mind when they have to shoot one of their own in cold blood.

I love that image of Doc pounding the ground in frustration.  Nice one, Mr. Morrow.

Speaking of whom, have you noticed how when Vic Morrow directs an episode, everyone looks reeeeeeally good in it?  I wish he would have directed more.  I'm just sayin'.(DA!)--I don't know why Saunders takes off his jacket in preparation for his Mad Dash, but I am definitely not complaining.  Is it getting warm in here, or is it just Sarge and me?

(DA!)--Man, is Saunders yummy when he runs and crouches, or what?  I think I need to rewind and watch his Mad Dash a couple more times.  I could watch that man move all day long.  Allegations of clumsiness aside, he has a sort of ruthless grace that causes a great deal of swooning and drooling around here.

Mason stays a stinker right to the end.  Blech -- I stick out my tongue in his general direction.

(DA!)--Look at our men during the last few minutes of this ep!  Look at them!  Are you looking?  What a bunch of hotties!  I could eat any one of them for dessert, they're so delicious.  Eye candy galore.  Hubba hubba!


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