Oh brother.  And I thought Perkins in "A Silent Cry" was annoying?  This Burgess guy is a zillion times worse!

Hmm.  I don't often think of Saunders having other noncoms as pals -- mostly I think of him as friends with Hanley and that's all.  But he and this Sgt. Calder seem to be pretty buddy-buddy.  Calder seems like a cool character, one I wouldn't mind exploring sometime.... 

(DA!)--Isn't Saunders yummy when he's all watchful and suspicious?  He gets that glaring thing going on and doesn't mind letting Burgess know he doesn't trust him.

Hey, two episodes in a row we get treated to a little chat between Saunders and Hanley!  This time it's pretty short, with Hanley wondering what Calder meant about watching Burgess, but mostly leaving things to Saunders' good judgment.  Wise Hanley.

(DA!)--Caje is doing the open-shirt look today, looking verrrry nice.  Rolls up his sleeves too after a bit; that's always a plus.  And Saunders has his jacket open at least, with that nice dark shirt under it.  Why do I like the dark shirt better than the light one?  I suppose because it provides such a nifty contrast to the jacket and kind of sets off his face (and hair, hee) more.

Stupid troublemaker Burgess.  First he gets our ENG in trouble with Saunders, then he shoots an unarmed prisoner, and he somehow manages to make Billy side with Kirby against Littlejohn!  I dislike him almost on par with that creepy Stark guy in "The Pillbox."

Yes, Kirby, we can all tell that's a Kraut machine gun -- that would be why all the dead soldiers around it are Krauts, right?

Ever notice that Vic Morrow can even walk angrily?  He's sort of tight and choppy today, not using his usual smooth saunter.  So talented.

Doesn't Burgess ever shut up?  We're spying on a bunch of Krauts and waiting for the other guys to get closer to them, and he's yapping on and on about nothing.  Hush!

Well, that English-speaking Kraut is kinda hunky in a toothy way -- he should be making German beach movies, not interrogating prisoners, don'tcha think?

Finally!  Saunders tells Burgess to shut up (how divine!) and Kirby starts seeing through the "old buddy" malarkey.  It's about time.

Why is it night all of a sudden?  As soon as the Kraut artillery starts up, it's dark.  Night must fall fast in France.

Okay, us sneaking around in the dark is kind of exciting, but I can't help feeling like the only real danger Billy and Caje are in comes from Burgess, not the Krauts.  Someone shoot him already!

Oh, come on, Littlejohn!  You are waaaaaay bigger and stronger than Burgess.  Surely you could stop him from running off with his crazy grenades.  Hmph. 

The shadows in the tunnels as Saunders runs around killing Krauts are pretty cool and scary.  Nice work, lighting crew.

There are some lovely dual-close ups of Kirby and Caje as they try to come to grips with just how much of a rat fink Burgess is.  Caje looks more disappointed than angry, but Kirby's got some good glaring going on.

And dude -- our ENG survived!  A little worse for wear, but he's still alive.  Three cheers for the ENG!


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