Why does Kirby have the map?  Sarge usually carries the map.  Is he trying to make Kirby feel useful?

I love Kirby's little muttered "Some five minutes!" when Sarge ends their break early.  Obviously Kirby is not yet accustomed to the concept of "TV Time," which is the idea that in the TV world, five actual minutes can represent five minutes... or five days... or five years... or five seconds.  So in this case, those five minutes only had to last an actual two minutes, but the audience will believe they were five minutes.

Eddie Albert is very good at playing mentally unbalanced characters.  Check out his performance in the Gregory Peck/Bobby Darin movie "Captain Newman, MD" if you want to see another fine performance by Albert.

I've got to hand it to Albert's character Phil -- he leads Saunders a merry chase, and that's not easy to do!  And then he actually captures Saunders!

I love that Saunders's back is to Phil when he gets captured, and Phil starts out speaking German, so at first, Saunders doesn't know it's anything but a normal getting-captured-by-a-Kraut situation.  Just watch the realization dawn on Saunders's face -- it's some brilliantly subtle acting.

Also, I love the way Saunders does these little eye flicks up and down as he tries to figure Phil out.  He can't figure out which is nuttier:  the antiquated uniform or the guy wearing it.

I've never liked this ep much, and I think I've figured out why:  I absolutely loathe trying to convince someone of something when they are operating on their own unique, very whacked-out, logic system.  That said, there's some lovely acting in this ep, which makes it watchable anyway.

Atta boy, Kirby!  Go rescue the Sarge!  But, um, how did you not hear that halftrack until it was right on top of you?

I love the scene that juxtaposes Phil's memories onto the background of reality, especially how they're all fuzzy and sped-up, like even his memories aren't very clear for him.  And they get faster and faster, more and more out of control.  Also, the exaggerated melodrama of the way Terry falls -- very effective.

(DA!)--Hey!  How come whenever I faint, Sgt. Saunders doesn't magically appear to pick me up and carry me off?  Grrr.

Ahhhhh, the relief in Saunders's face when Marie says she knows he's an American.  Delightful piece of perfect acting!

Um, Sarge, I don't know about Phil, but I'd be a little more willing to believe that no one's gonna hurt me if you aren't pointing a gun at me.  Just a suggestion, of course -- you know best, as always.

And while I'm making suggestions, Sarge, please don't make a habit of backing out of houses (unless the camera's outside, of course!), because it's just not safe!  Some Krauts might be out there... of course, it's still silly to tell you this, as you're usually so careful, unless the script tells you to do something dumb...

My favorite scene of Eddie Albert in this whole ep is when he sees the mess in their dining room, and just walks around saying, "Oh!  Oh!  Oh!"  It's perfect.

I love that Marie takes off her apron when she announces she'll go with Saunders and Phil.  It looks very natural and makes a female version of the whole "taking off the gloves" idea.

Never ever ever say something like "Once we're across that road, we're home free."  That is a total invitation for a writer to throw some bad guys your way.

How can the Krauts on that road not see us?  We're like four feet away from them!  They must be wearing blinders...

It's really handy there's no water in that culvert.  And it's really well-lit too!  I can see Saunders's face clearly the whole way through.

Again with the Germans stopping for a smoke break or a picnic at the wrongest place and time!  This is getting to be a very irritating habit.

WOW!  What a slide that Kraut does down the hill when he gets killed!  Anybody know what stuntman did that?  Because it's amazing!

Okay, Phil gets shot.  But he doesn't appear to be bleeding.  And why doesn't Sarge at least bandage him up a little?  I suppose if he's not bleeding, it's not necessary... but surely he'd be bleeding if he got shot?

What obliging sentries we meet up with!  They both leave their post on the word of a stranger!  How nice.  And, um, stupid!

And such a bittersweet ending:  "After we win this war, it'll be peace forever."  Uh-huh, sure... but it's gonna take these guys several more years just to get out of France!  


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