Today Kirby gets to be the Bearer of Bad News.  We seem to kick that job around a lot.

Wow, Saunders really roars out of that crater to go rescue Hanley.  Gets smooshed himself instead, though.  Whoops.

(DA!) Hanley should get dirty and wounded more often.  He's looking very lunchable today!

Um, if I was gonna pretend to be a dead guy, I would try to control my forehead muscles a little more.  When the Krauts are tramping around poking things, Hanley keeps twitching his eyebrows, and even opens his eyes several times!

(DA!) Hanley has lovely hands.  We get a nice closeup on them with our title today.  Also, he staggers very attractively.

Oooh, our guys are going sledding down that hill, only without the snow!  Or the sleds!  And man, is Saunders's hair untamable today or what?

Hey, Saunders gets to take over the platoon?  This sounds like fun!

Nice use of the handheld camera as Hanley tumbles down the hill.  He sure gets up quickly after that though.  I'd personally have rested a while first.

Is this supposed to be Hanley's turn to have a "Survival" episode?

Splinter alert!  Hanley is licking a wooden bucket!  This is NOT a good idea, folks.  Don't ask me how I know, I just do.

Hey, did Rick Jason ever do any horror movies?  Cuz he lets out a really creepy maniacal laugh/sob here, and has really wild and freaky eyes.  I'm definitely scared.

Ack!  A dead Kraut!  Hanley, repeat after me:  "This is not my brother!  This is a dead Kraut!  This is not my brother!"

Okay, I have never seen Hanley's hair this fuzzified before.  He musta left his Vitalis back at the CP.  Oops.

See -- a river to swim in, a pier to hide under... this is Hanley's version of "Survival."  How come he gets French chicks (and chickens), and Saunders got stuck with hallucinatory childhood trauma?  This is not fair.

(DA!) Yeah, ordinarily if a very dirty, wet, scruffy man came to my door and said, "Help me," I'd slam the door in his face too.  But he's awfully attractive here--she should let him in.

(DA!) Ooooh, nice camera placement as Caje and Kirby crawl back up that hill.  Awfully short shot though.  Oh well, that's what the rewind button is for, right?

Okay, those cellar doors creep me out on principle.  All cellar doors like that creep me out.  You never know who might crawl into your cellar and bleed all over your milk urn and spill milk all over your floor, not to mention all over himself.

Heh heh, as that chick backs down the stairs, Hanley looks kind of mesmerized... should I come up with a designation for male-appreciated droolage shots?

That's a very dumb Kraut that comes to the house.  "Oh look!  It's a big smear of blood on this door.  I will completely ignore it until after I start to knock!"

It's a good thing Hanley is so cute in this ep.  Cuz otherwise that girl would be totally justified in running back up those stairs screaming and carrying on like crazy.

Speaking of the girl, she has really dumb hair.  She looks like Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka.  I feel sorry for her, though.  Her mom never lets her have any fun, just keeps driving away all the cute Americans.  Notice Mama doesn't hesitate to get all grabby herself when she gets a chance at Hanley though.  She's enjoying undressing him a little too much -- I saw where her eyes went!

(DA!) I'm having much too nice a time watching Hanley's wound get dressed.  Must rewatch several times.  I love his arms crossed on the back of the chair, with his head down... he bites his hand because of the pain... where is my swooning couch?

Hey, how come Hanley gets a super-sexy backrub in his version of "Survival"?  With bosoms!  This is unfair!  Saunders got pain and agony, and Hanley gets backrubs and bosoms?  Grrrr.

(DA!) No!  Do not put that shirt back on, Hanley!  I'm enjoying those arm muscles!

It's a good thing the blood on the back of Hanley's jacket has dried by now, the way he keeps leaning against the nice white parlor walls.

Um, Hanley stabs Kepler the Kreepy Kraut in the back, but I see no wound in his uniform when Hanley carries him off.

Hmm, Mama looks kind of put out that she doesn't get a kiss from Hanley too, as they part ways.  You'd think that's the least he could give her, after all the backrubs and everything.  Ingrate.


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