I like how we juxtapose what's really going on, with the explosions and tanks, to the impersonal map of the conflict.  Nice way to open an ep.

Also, it's cool to meet up with some non-fighting soldiers, the map maker and the welder and the baker.  We don't get to see those behind-the-lines guys doing their jobs very often.

(DA!)--Caje is continuing his rolled-up-sleeves trend.  May it be a long-lived trend, because he certainly has arms that are worth showing off!

Side note -- when the credits roll, my baby "Gumdrop" keeps time to the music by tapping his toes against my ribs.  I wonder if he'll continue to react to the Combat! theme song after he's born?

The little map dude has an odd accent.  Is he British?  From New England?  I can't place it at all.

Saunders is awfully calm about being stuck behind enemy lines with only Caje, a baker, and a half-blind map reader.  He's almost ho-hum about it, like, "Here we go again."  Must be in one of his unflappable moods.

I think this ep should have been called, "Sgt. Saunders, Collector of Missing Persons."  He attracts lost soldiers like I attract mosquitoes!

Thank you, Saunders, for telling everyone to be quiet because there are Krauts around.  I've been yelling the same thing at all of you for the past five minutes.

(DA!)--And thank you, Mister Baker, for falling over and giving Saunders a reason to sprint to your aid!  I need to remember that trick.  Not that I ever need help falling over, hee.

Say, isn't Saunders sweet for not yelling at the baker for having trouble keeping up?  Martinez, on the other hand... like I needed another reason not to like him?

(DA!)--Saunders has his collar flipped up and looks all sexy and hood-ish when he reminds his followers just who is in charge here.  Yumm!

Yes, by lying flat on our bellies instead of reclining on our sides, we will make ourselves invisible and the Krauts won't be able to shoot us.  Right.

One of the Krauts is still flopping around while Caje drags the other one behind the haystack.  I half expect him to start screeching, "I'm not dead!  I'm getting better!  I feel happy!" ala Monty Python.

(DA!)--Mmmm, Saunders gets angry at last.  I knew he would as soon as he flipped up his jacket collar.  Dontcha love how he snarls, "Now you know the price of eggs."

Why isn't Saunders at the back of the line making sure the Fabulous Baker Boy doesn't get left behind?  Coulda kept everyone out of trouble.

(DA!)--Okay, Saunders growling, "Just keep it down, Martinez, just keep it down," isn't quite as wonderful as his, "Shut up, Kirby, you just shut up," but it'll do for now. 

Hey, nice train!  Does Jesse James come with it?  Or Butch and Sundance?

Uh, does this little French dude have nothing to do but sit around eating and drinking?  I want his job!

Gotta quick mention that the locomotive and its steam are really beautifully lit. 

And after a quick train ride back to the war, we end like we began, with war footage and explosions galore.

This is an odd ep -- I always feel like I missed a connecting segment somewhere, but that's okay... "Mail Call" is up next, so why dwell on this ep any longer?


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