(DA!)--What a cheery opener!  Our boys in their skivvies, doing their laundry.  What good boys they are, keeping clean and all!  If only their sergeant would join in their sanitation efforts... oh well, there's plenty of nice scenery anyway.  And get a load of that ripped-up undershirt on Kirby!  Looks like he's been attacked by some overeager wench or something!

Wow!  Lee Marvin!  Wow!  Is there anyone so menacing, so good at being mean and spiteful?  And at looking attractive while he's acting like a jerk?  Come to think of it... there is ONE other actor that can do all that... Vic Morrow!  And we get to watch the two of them butt heads for a whole hour!  You can tell from the get-go that this is gonna be one great ep.

Hee hee, get a load of Kirby's reaction when Turk says "Or die trying."  His face totally says "uh-oh" in big, bold worry lines.

Hey, it's nice of them to let us ride in a truck part of the way.  At least we don't have to carry all those explosives allllll the way to that bridge, right?

What the -- did Caje just trip?  And stumble and fall all over Billy and that other sergeant dude?  That's odd.  He's always so steady on his feet!

Attaboy, Sarge!  Answer Billy's question even after Turk tells him to shove it.  Then, to top things off, make Turk march behind Billy.  That's showin' him who's boss!

The squad is not at their shiny best today.  Now Kirby kicks a loose rock down on a nest of Krauts.  We are definitely not in top form today.

Whoa, Saunders jumps to Kirby's defense and tells Turk off.  Ol' Kirby looks a mite shocked!  Guess he's used to getting hollered at, not stuck up for (can't imagine why).

And now Littlejohn drops the primer cord?  Did we all take Clumsy Pills this morning?  Yeesh!

Stupid Turk, firing on the Krauts and getting Littlejohn shot.  At least it gives our new Doc something to do besides pronounce people 'dead' all the time.

  (DA!)--Oooooooh, what a nice camera angle when the guys are pushing that Kraut jeep out of sight!  Come on guys, don't you think you need to get it just a little farther off the road?  Please?

Already Doc is rooting around in people's heads, digging up info on Turk so he can help Saunders understand where this guy's coming from.  Saunders doesn't yet seem to appreciate this particular talent of Doc's and brushes him off by saying "This is just another job."  And then he goes ahead and uses the info to try to cozy up to Turk anyway.

Oh man, does Saunders ever look like he wants to sock Turk when he pulls that "mother hen" line on him!  Careful, Sarge, this guy already wants to court-martial Kirby!  Then again, Sarge and Turk are of the same rank, according to their sleeves.  So would it be a court-martial-able offense for him to punch Turk?  (Aha!  Another chance for someone knowledgeable to enlighten me!)

Graveyards make such handy battlegrounds!  They provide lots of cover, as well as convenient disposal for any casualties.

Gee, Kirby must really be worried about that court-martial.  Usually he does so much as stubs his toe and he wants to go back home -- now he's marching along on a sprained ankle and begging Sarge not to send him back?  Yikes.

I've figured out the real reason why I never got the opportunity to write scripts for this show.  I can't resist making little references to other shows and movies (in this case, the movie "The Fugitive").  For example, if I'd written the scene where Turk is just sitting by the tree and Saunders asks, "What're you doing?" then Turk replies, "I'm thinkin',"... I would have had Saunders reply:  "Well, think me up a cup of coffee and a chocolate doughnut with some of those little sprinkles on it, wouldja, while you're thinkin'?"  Yeah, that's gotta be the reason I didn't get to write for this show.  Right?  (But honestly, can't you just hear Sarge say that?  Wouldn't it be hilarious?!)

Okay, what is up with this Kraut and his obsession for splashing frogs?  Yeesh, he must be reeeeeeally bored.

(DA!)--Saunders should choose drowning as a method for disposing of Krauts more often, cuz he looks really hot doing it.  Also, it provides yet another opportunity for him to get wet, which is always a bonus...

(DA!)--Must pause a moment to mention delectability of this ep's guest star.  Lee Marvin has this very odd, very inescapable magnetism.  He's completely adroit at playing vile people that are sexy even though you loathe them.  I mean, just look at him leaning against that tree, arm over his head... and yeah, that voice is just killer!  All rough and gravelly and scratchy, kinda like James Hetfield, the lead singer of Metallica...  Oh, and how come he still looks good (and intelligent) when walking around with his mouth hanging open?  That makes most people look like dopey codfish!

(DA!)--Mmm... I will willingly get stabbed in the side if it means that Sgt. Saunders will kneel all spraddle-legged beside me, shake my head a little, bandage me up...

(DA!)--You know, I think the writers of this ep are granting the wish I made while watching "Ambush":   Saunders is flopping in that river every three seconds.  Hooray!  Except he's not getting his head wet much... grr...

Once again with those Krauts and their uncanny ability to stop and chat right where we're hiding.

(DA!)--Saunders is so considerate about always backing into that cave, toward the camera.  Thank you.

(DA!)--At last!  Saunders does a total belly flop into the river, ensuring that his hair will be 100% wet and wonderful!  Of course, by the time we see him again, he'll be dried off, but I can always rewind the few moments of wet-haired glory and watch them a couple times...

The scene where Saunders and Billy are carrying Turk and think he's dead reminds me of that "Bonanza" ep that Lee Marvin guest-starred in:   "The Crucible."  Doesn't it end up with Adam Cartwright dragging a dead Lee Marvin across the desert?

Saunders has a miraculous ability to will people to live.  It's like they don't dare disobey him by dying.  Handy.

(DA!)--Saunders tells Turk:   "You prefer charges against Kirby, and I'll find you!"  So THAT'S what I have to do to get him to find me!

  I love the ending, with Saunders hollering at the squad, and them being all bewildered.  How did they keep from giggling?  I'm always a total basket case about three seconds into that scene!  In fact, I fell off a couch once, I was laughing so hard at this ending :-)


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