(DA!)--And we open with a very lovely kick to the door by Hanley!

I love tanks.  They make life so much easier.  Must be why we can't keep this one for long.  Poor Saunders sounds so sad when he says, "They knocked out the tank," doesn't he?

Hello, Lt. Hanley, today's Bringer of Bad News.  "We have to hold the bridge.  It's an order.  I have to leave now -- 2nd and 3rd squads are eating jam.  Er, in a jam.  Have fun!"  Hmph.

I like real-time eps like this, where the rest of the ep lasts roughly the same amount of time as the squad has to complete some mission.  Ratchets up the ol' tension another notch, natch.

Right, I think Nick Adams got confused about what he's filming.  He seems to think he's on the set of "West Side Story," and keeps snapping his fingers.  Sorry, buddy boy, you just ain't Jet material.  Vic, on the other hand, makes a lovely juvenile delinquent, as we well know...

(DA!)--We have some nice running shots in this ep. The cameraman obviously knows when to stay behind our guys.

(DA!)--Man, is Saunders scruffy today!  He looks positively soft! 

Where is Caje today?

After Billy's first attempt to reach that other building thingie, we are now one ENG down, two to go.

Ewwww -- Hellar keeps gum in his helmet!  Gross!

Poor Billy has to go again.  Saunders is soooo comforting here:  "Experience counts.  And you're very experienced with that house."  Gee, thanks, that makes me feel SO much better!

Johnson touches the dead ENG's helmet when they have to pass the body -- nice Vic Morrowish gesture.

Hooray for Bottomless Pockets!  Now, suddenly, Saunders has tape!  Is he never without anything he needs?  Except a knife of some sort, of course, he never has one of those.

Billy does 'mad' really well, doesn't he?  "Are you just gonna sit there, Johnson?"  Must be taking lessons from Saunders.

(DA!)--Woooo -- a helmetless Saunders!  And we're gonna get WET!  VERY wet!  Saunders does that cute little round-mouthed gasp for air he always does in a river.  Somehow his hair manages to stay dry though. :-( 

Gee, for having just waded through a river, we sure dried off quickly.  Must be summer in France.

(DA!)--But oh man, watch Saunders crawl off toward that bridge!  We got nice some loooooooooong crawling shots!  Love it!

Does Saunders actually ever miss when he throws a grenade?  He'd make one heckuva pitcher, wouldn't he?

Waaaaah -- poor Littlejohn killed the next ENG, Scott!  I love Kirby and Billy's reaction shots too.  Littlejohn just goes numb, and Saunders has to literally pull him off that bridge.

Nice try, Kirby, very brave.  Actually, I kind of love the way he keeps looking at his new wound with a rather objective interest.  All detached and "hmm, what happens if I poke this?" 

Awww, Saunders goes all crumbly-voiced when he tells Littlejohn to forget about ENG Scott.

(DA!)--And then... Saunders LEANS on a wall!  Get out your swooning couches!  Cuz this is one of those tired and desperate leans, with the head on the arm and everything.

Hellar gets to sum up the entire show in this ep, didja notice?  He says it's "a stinkin' bridge and a lousy river in a place we never heard of before." Yup, I think he's finally figured out he's not in "West Side Story."

And Saunders gets a nice little snatch of dialogue, sounding off about how nobody has time to care, they're all too busy with their own slice of war.  Love that bit.

Littlejohn makes me cry in this ep.  Honest.  Actual tears emerge from my eyes when he says, "You couldn't see his face.  He was so helpless, so scared."  Poor Littlejohn!  Watch his lips quiver a few seconds later -- don't ever say this guy couldn't act.  He proves he can right here.

And who doesn't love Doc's angry scene?  "We're so civilized we even got rules to kill each other by!"  Go, Doc!

Hanley gives a kind of lame PPT here, but it sure calms Doc down in a hurry.  Then, flushed with the success of that PPT, Hanley decides that telling Littlejohn he'll be okay will make it so.  Silly Hanley.  Who does he think he is, Sgt. Saunders?

(DA!)--Woo!  More water for Saunders to splash around in!

Billy does some nice fidgety eye and mouth stuff while ignoring Johnson's plea for info.

(DA!)--And STILL Saunders's head is dry!  You jerk!   Although he does manage to remove his jacket, and his shirt is deliciously open and wet...

Way to go, Kirby, firing that B.A.R. with only one good arm!

(DA!)--Even when Saunders flings himself into the river to get Hellar, his hair only gets sorta wet.  Hmph.  I feel cheated.

I kind of dig that Hellar doesn't get all reformed at the end.  What are the last things he says?  "Drop dead, Sergeant," and "I'll probably go to heaven... I hate harps."  He reminds me of William Holden's character in "Stalag 17," who's still unlikable even at the very end.  Or Johnny Depp in "Once Upon a Time in Mexico."  Still not a knight in shining armor.  Something about those characters that choose NOT to progress just intrigues me.  But I digress...


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