(DA!)--Oh, you can tell right from the very beginning that this is going to be a fantastic ep!  Look at those scruffy boys sprawling all over the scenery!  Caje has his sleeves rolled a little, but Kirby one-ups him by being coatless and having his sleeves rolled alllllll the way up.  Nice arms!  However, the big surprise in this scene is Billy, who is actually looking pretty sexy!  I mean, his shirt is open, his sleeves are pushed up, he's kinda sweaty... yup, we're all looking pretty dadgum good today.  Our Kraut doppelgangers don't stand a chance!

This is one of the best C! eps to feature what Alfred Hitchcock calls a McGuffin.  A McGuffin is a person or object that drives a movie's plot but is of little importance in itself, although all the characters are very concerned about it.  In this case, it's that cartridge of film Saunders spends the whole episode worrying over. 

Is it me, or is James Caan wearing shoulder pads?  His uniform looks funny.

(DA!)--Now Caje has his shirt waaaaay unbuttoned!  This is a great eye-candy ep!

Holy swarm of men, by the way.  I'm not used to us having a full squad.  We've got 3 or 4 ENGs, all the regulars... zowie!

(DA!)--Wow, by the time we reach the airplane, even Doc's shirt is open a notch or two!  And when he's filling up that syringe with morphine, I'll bet Mel and DII are having heart palpitations, he looks so yummy!

Okay, question:  if it's sooooo hot outside, why are most of our guys wearing field jackets?  Is there some Army Regulation that says we have to wear them even when the sweat is just pouring down our faces?

Great Littlejohn line:  "Pray for dumb Krauts, Billy."  Good plan!  While you're at it, go talk to your writers about it too. 

How handy that we have a German-speaking ENG along, so he can give Saunders and us a play-by-play of what the Krauts are up to! 

Oh poop!  Doc didn't police his morphine ampoules!  That's it, Doc, you've just been taken off the waiting list to become a sniper.

            Good thing we didn't skimp on the ENGs on this trip -- they're dropping right and left!

We need more cool, tense eps like this one, where Saunders is up against someone as smart as he is.  Dig it!

When Saunders asks, Doc how the downed pilot is doing, Doc says, "I think he's gonna bleed to death."  Hey!  You are The One True Doc, not that dope we had last season.  Do something about this!  You're very capable, ordinarily.  Must be a really bad wound if even you can't stop the bleeding.

Littlejohn gets a cute moment with Doc.  First Doc gets me to smile when he asks, "What'd you do -- tie that with your toes?"  But it's Littlejohn who steals the scene when he says, "I was in a hurry," and lets loose with the cutest grin.  Nice moment.

Okay, this could just be a personal foible, but I would not sit in a boat while someone rammed holes in it.  What does that Kraut think he's doing, holding the boat steady?  I think he's in for a ducking.

Now it's Billy's turn for a cute moment with Doc.  His "Ooh!  Aah!" when Doc pokes his cracked rib makes me giggle.

One of the coolest things about this ep is that I actually start to care about the Krauts.  When James Caan gets captured by Saunders, he looks down at a dead member of his squad, and I always imagine the roles reversed, with Saunders getting captured and seeing the body of Billy or Kirby.  It's a great moment, and James Caan pulls it off nicely.  So does Vic Morrow, who manages to look sympathetic and hard-nosed at the same time.

Ooooh, and when Saunders wants to play mean, he really plays mean, doesn't he?  Watch him turn all nasty, pushing James Caan down so he lands on his wounded arm, then standing over him, menacing and almost maniacal.  Eeek!

Ahh, Clever Saunders surfaces:  "Now it's our turn to play games."  He's finally figured out that the way to deal with a doppelganger is to expect it to do exactly what you would do.

And there went our last ENG.  Sorry, fellas!  Such is the fate of most ENGs, I'm afraid.  This ep is just particularly harsh -- we lose all our ENGs, and Littlejohn, Billy, and Caje all get wounded.  Yikes!

More great multiple emotions from Saunders when James Caan dies.  He's wistful, resigned, and relieved all at once.

Good morning, Hanley, you look mighty sleepy.  And dirty and rumpled too -- what have you been doing while we've been out filming very exciting action sequences?

Darling Saunders.  He rescues the McGuffin, defeats his doppelganger, but won't glory in his success.  "Yeah, I was brilliant.  If you don't count the boys we lost:  Blocker, Gray, Johnson.  I was just brilliant."  Sigh.  And that's what I love about Saunders.


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