Yet another celebrating village.  Gosh, this looks familiar!  Weren't we just here last season, liberating these same villagers?  Well, okay, maybe there are a few new villagers... I don't recall seeing Kirby's buxom prey before.  Ahhh, what a way to start a season:  snogging and getting sloshed!  Or getting kinda dizzy and nauseated, if you're a viewer who just ate a big cheeseburger...

(DA!)-- Take a look at Caje, with those rolled-up sleeves!  Go ahead, take a nice long look!  Now *that* is something worth getting up for in the morning!

Say a warm 'hello' to our brand-new Doc!  All I can say is, it's about bloody time we got someone more competent.  Then again, about all he gets to do in this ep is pronounce people dead.  Poor guy.  It's okay though, at least he looks, acts, and sounds intelligent!

I like the scene where Marie snuffs out her father's pipe.  It starts as just sort of an automatic thing:  "Oh, silly Papa, always leaving his pipe smoldering."  Then she realizes it's the last time she'll get to do that and breaks down.  Very touching.

Okay, now I *know* we've liberated this village before:  that church is verrrrry familiar.  I think we should go check it out, make sure there are no snipers up there.

(DA!)--Ooooooooh, Caje again, in all his bare-armed glory!  He's rumpled, his collar's flipped up -- I'm nearly distracted from Saunders completely!

Hanley is appropriately fidgety when he has to tell Saunders to go fetch the girl.  Tired, snarky, but aware of just how guilt-riddled Saunders is.  It's like he's using his very last bit of patience while talking to Saunders.  I'd hate to be the next person that encounters him!  They'll probably end up with tooth marks all over, bits missing here and there...

(DA!)--Ahhh, we're actually running after the girl -- that easy loping run that I could watch all day... if only the director would give us a few shots of them running *away* from the camera...

Why do Krauts always change tires, have a vehicle break down, or stop for lunch right next to where one of our protagonists is hiding?  It's uncanny the way they pick the absolute worst spots for these activities!  And terribly inconsiderate on their part.

The captured Kraut does some great eye-rolling... he personifies the idea of "wild-eyed with fright."

Okay, this Kraut officer needs to learn about telephones and radios.  He talks to the treed sniper a bit, then the sniper hangs up... and the officer keeps talking into the radio receiver!  He's issuing orders, seemingly to the people around him, but he's still talking into the radio!  What in the world?  Am I missing something?  Is he on a party line where he can just talk to lots of people all at once?  I'm confused... (quick, this is a place where Dodger and the other history buffs can jump in and enlighten me with their exemplary knowledge!)

Kirby either knows a lot about roofs or fires.  Maybe he was a firefighter or a roofer back in civilian life?  Cuz he knows exactly when that burning roof is gonna fall in, and calls Saunders back just in time.

I love the scenes between Saunders, Caje, and Marie.  Saunders tries to be sympathetic and detached at the same time, and keeps switching from one to the other, really struggling to balance duty and caring.  And this frees Caje to be all about sympathy and understanding, with those big eyes and smooth voice just exuding compassion.  And the girl is enchantingly slant-eyed and suspicious.  Great work by all three actors!

 Um, how come we have to stop marching just to answer the telephone, er, radio?  It's portable!  Silly Saunders, can't you talk and walk at the same time?  Or is this another thing I don't understand about radios?  (Quick, somebody hop in here with more intelligent explanations!)

(DA!)--Awwwww, Saunders is all flustered by having to obey Hanley and break his promise to Marie.  Off comes the helmet, the hair gets rumpled... yummy!

Whoa, that is one heavy helmet Saunders has there!  He flings it to the ground when he's arguing with Marie, and it sounds like he chucked an oil drum out of a second-story window!  I wouldn't wanna hafta wear that thing day in and day out.

Kirby says, "I don't trust her, Sarge."  Well, you're always wrong, Kirby, so now Saunders is gonna trust her completely.  So there!

(DA!)--Forget Marie, Sarge... you can have all MY faith!  Just keep talkin', keep that camera cozied up to your inexplicably attractive face.  I'm yours forever!

(DA!)--WET!  Saunders has thoughtfully jumped into a river!  He's wet!  Everyone's wet!  Yeeehaw!  What a wonderful beginning for the season!  May every episode gleefully follow suit!

 Those sure are energetic little Krauts we're fighting.  They're hopping all over the place!  Did someone feed them jumping beans for supper?  I don't see how we can shoot them -- they won't stay still!

The creeping Kraut vs Saunders is very cool and tension-inducing.  But it looks like Saunders shoots him in the knee.  Must be really lethal bullets our Sarge has there, to kill someone by shooting them in the leg!

Moral of this episode:  if there's one thing Americans do well, it's blow stuff up!


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