This is my absolute favorite ep, as I'm sure you know by now.  It's also the first complete ep I ever saw.  The opening shot, with the hand cutting the wire, is not familiar to me.  The version I saw on tv started with the guys heading up the hill.  One more reason I don't care about time-compression!

Sgt. Saunders reaches for a cigarette and gets shot, reminding me of John Wayne's demise as Sgt. Stryker in "The Sands of Iwo Jima."  Our poor Sarge lands in barbed wire, which seems to happen to him a lot, at least on this disc.

(DA!)--Hanley yelling "Doc" isn't nearly as attractive as Saunders yelling "Medic," is it?

(DA!)--There is a great quantity of bare knee and leg to be seen through the cut in Saunders' pants.  No wonder I love this ep!

I'm not entirely sure why, but one of my favorite scenes in the whole series, not to mention this ep, is when Saunders sits down by the road, takes off his boot, dumps it out, then puts it back on and reties it when he hears the trucks coming.  It's just a lovely little snatch of "down time."  And he looks so mad/sad when the convoy almost doesn't stop for him!

(DA!)--he could climb into the back of a truck over and over and over and I would never get tired of watching.

It's very cute and feels rather real when Saunders sees the nurse in the back of the truck and completely forgets what he was saying.

  Capt. August suggests that Saunders should ride up front, but I think Saunders wishes August would do that instead.  He's sure got the glances for Nurse Hunter!

The driver, Jones, is the same kid from the beginning and end of "Missing in Action," by the way.

I'm sooooooooo glad this isn't an Altman ep!  That means the adorable little puppy gets to be just that and not a precursor of doom.  It has the cutest eyebrows!

  (DA!)--how come the puppy gets to kiss Saunders awake?  This is simply not fair.  Couldn't I be its stunt double?

There's a major closeup of Vic's missing digit when he fixes the plasma, for those of you that care.

I hate Nurse Hunter's hair.  It seems far too 60's and volumized.

The flat tire does nothing to improve Saunders's mood.  I think Burt Kennedy decided to see just how crabby he could write Saunders.

Today our Sarge gets to be everybody's conscience.  And "playing God" is a major theme.  Saunders says he won't, but he kind of does pretty often, in this ep and others.

(DA!)--Saunders could swing up into the cab of a truck more often too.  Esp with that nice little hop he has to do because of his wound.

(DA!)--I think this ep was written and filmed just for Saunders fans, eh ladies?  Cuz he gets really wet, and then he gets to open a door and burst into a barn, Thompson at the ready!  Yeeeeeeah!  No wonder I love this ep!

Once he sheds his coat up in the loft, he shifts into Understanding Mode.  Maybe because this is the second time in a row he's had to deal with doctors and shrapnel?

(DA!)--Is it me, or does the inner slit in Saunders' pants keep going higher?  The scene where he wakes up because of the truck is deeeelicious!

Saunders' best line in this ep:  "I been shot at before."

Closely followed by his second-best line in this ep:  "I always thought that was up to Somebody Else."

And what a wonderful ending!  He gives the dog to Jones, having gotten the nurse and doctor back together, then we get lots of smiles and grins all around when he rejoins the squad.  Mmmmmm, such a lovely ep.   



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