This is one of my favorite eps.  I just love and adore Moseby Lovelace!  Even a Yankee couldn't help being charmed by him.

We all begin this ep looking very tired.  And scruffy!

(DA!)--GAAAAH!!!  Saunders dumps an entire helmet of water over his head!  Couldn't we please linger on the wetness of him a little longer?  Do we really need the camera to go look at Braddock and the other people?  Couldn't we keep the sodden Saunders in frame?

(DA!)--And we've got Caje reclining indolently on a... farm cart thingie.  Zowie! 

Saunders is very silly in this episode, trying to buy boots and all, but I don't mind.  It's a lighter ep, and his jocularity fits just fine.

(DA!)--That soldier is washing a dog.  A dog!  Stop wasting that water!  Save it for Saunders to dump on his head instead!  Throw the dog in the river if you must have it clean... I'm sure there's a river nearby, there always is.

(DA!)--This is a lovely ep for Saunders-lovers, as you've probably noticed by now.  But what is he doing?  He's buttoning his shirt!  No no no no, it's supposed to stay unbuttoned!  And now -- what the -- stop rolling down your sleeves, Saunders!  Don't you know the Number One Sexiest Look for a guy is with his sleeves rolled up just below his elbows?  You're ruining The Look!

(DA!)--Not a bad ep for Caje fans either.  Watch him wake up, stretch, yawn... it's adorable!

Braddock has an excellent question: "Don't they have any other reserves but us, Sarge?"  I have often wondered that very thing.  Maybe they don't -- maybe our squad is all that's left!  Always!  Yikes.

Saunders and Lovelace have a good chemistry.  (Get your minds out of the gutter, I am not a slash writer and you know it!)  They play off each other very naturally, picking and prodding and irritating just the right amount.  And Lovelace has a lot of guts, refusing to sell those boots to the potentially menacing Saunders!

 (DA!)--Saunders tells Lovelace, "Soldier, if I really get riled, you wouldn't like it at all."  No, but I would!  He's so hot when he's riled!  He gets that raspy growly thing going...quick, find Kirby so Saunders can tell him to shut up!

(DA!)--Awwww, Hanley is so cute when he's asleep!  Man, he looks really young here too!  And he chews so beautifully... much better than in "Any Second Now."

I've always liked Hanley's rejoinder to his superior's "Eat, drink, and be merry--"  :-D  But what's up with him being a sergeant again -- wasn't he a lieutenant in "Any Second Now?"  Hmmm... did he try to sneak across the Channel to see Hazel and get demoted like Saunders predicted?

I never noticed this before, but when Lovelace is wiping his boots and talking to Saunders, he takes the same rag he's using on his boots and wipes his whole face with it, then goes back to the boots.  It's hilarious, and really subtle!  Did you catch it?

(DA!)--We certainly look lovely, all dirtied up for our night patrol.  And you know what the best part of all these dirty faces is?  That's right -- they'll have to wash it all off eventually!  And that means... dumping helmetfuls of water on our heads!  I hope so, anyway.

(DA!)--The guys dry off WAY too quickly after their little romp in the crick :-(

Sgt. Saunders throws the worst grenade of his career in this ep -- it looks like it lands about three feet away.  What happened to his amazing grenade-throwing arm?  Or has he not developed it yet?  Usually he can hit anything anywhere anytime.

In the Viewer's Companion, Jo points out that Lovelace keeps glancing at Wolensky's dead body.  It's a great touch.  Every time he looks over there, his happy-go-lucky grin fades a bit, then he turns away and tries to smile again.  It looks totally natural, and I love it!

Hanley doesn't let Doc look at Reischer's wounds -- he's one smart cookie, that Lt. Hanley!  Er, I mean, Sgt. Hanley.  Whatever.

Oh yeah, um, Lovelace keeps trying to find other Southerners to hang out with.  What about Caje?  He's from Louisiana!  Last time I checked, that was part of the CSA.  This makes no sense.  Of course, Caje's identity is always that of a Cajun, not of a Southerner, but still....


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