Oh goody!  More joyous liberation!  Everybody gets smooched, everybody gets likkered up!  Littlejohn has two girls!  What I want to know is, who did you have to bribe to get to play a girl in these scenes?  More importantly, who did you bribe to get to be the one draping herself all over Sgt. Saunders?  But I digress...

Lt. Hanley arrives in his jeep and spoils all our fun...not!  Rick has a lot of fun trying to keep that straight face, and yet hinting that he might be joking.  I love the banter between him and Saunders (when don't I love their banter?):  "Lieutenant, that little joke's gonna cost you a drink!"  "That's war, Sergeant."  Hee hee!

Then an ominous rifle barrel pokes itself into our view.  There's more snogging down in the street, but I guess the sniper is some sort of reverse prude, because who does he decide to shoot first?  The guy faithfully about to write home to his wife.  I'm kinda grateful to that sniper though -- he fired just in time to keep Saunders and some random wench from going indoors, where those darned 60's censors wouldn't have let our cameras follow them.  And so the episode reverts from French Baywatch mode back to normal "Combat!" form.

(DA!)--the director films Vic from totally the wrong angle as he goes up those stairs... but completely makes up for it when Saunders climbs around on the roof.  This is a scene worth rewatching many times.  Very instructive, of course, cuz you never know when you'll need to know how to crawl around on a roof searching for snipers.

Aha!  Those townspeople show their true colors at last -- they've been sooooo happy to see us because they want American cigarettes!  I knew it!

Kirby in the cafe making cute with his horrible French is nice, but nothing we haven't seen before.  At least he doesn't get into a fistfight... Sarge comes in and hollers at him first.  My question is this:  Saunders comes in and yells at Kirby for not being outside looking for the sniper.  But, uh, shouldn't Sarge and Caje be out there sniper-hunting too?  They stick around for a bit after Kirby leaves, too, ostensibly to apologize to this ep's Distressed Damsel.

This Hans Gudegast guy is a really neat actor.  First of all, I don't think he ever says one line in the whole ep, but he still keeps my interest.  And when he changes into his Nazi uniform, he changes his whole way of movement.  He goes from sneaky and slouchy to ramrod-straight and more self-assured.  He also manages to look more cruel.  Nice work!

(DA!)--Kirby is very lunchable in this ep, always slouching and scratching and making me think he hasn't had a bath in a long time... which of course starts me pondering all the lovely Shower Scenes we've been treated to over the years... sorry, I'll get back to commenting now.  Honest!

I love how Kirby catches the second sniper-victim.  With one look he conveys the seven billion thoughts running through his head, from "this coulda been me" to "oh crap!" to "gotta get outta here!."  Lovely moment.

(DA!)--Woohoo!  Saunders whips open that door and gives us that great "I'm in charge here!" stance that I adore so.  Thank you, Ted Post!  Thank you, Vic Morrow!

Hey, here's 'Bijou' again!  Michel Petit keeps popping up everywhere, and Kirby keeps almost-shooting him, or threatening to shoot him, or whatever.  They do work nicely together.

Okay, did the cafe chick know that her boytoy is the sniper?  How could she not -- she has to know he's a German, and she knows someone is killing Americans.  But when she sees the bullets in his little underground love nest, her expression would seem to say that she didn't know he was the sniper.  Or maybe she didn't want to admit it to herself, but this concrete proof forces her to?  Hmm.

I'm also confused as to why she is so worried that Saunders is mad at her.  When Saunders and Caje stop her and the Kraut on the road, she's really anxious that he not be angry with her.  Does she really have such major hots for him?

Is somebody moving the sniper's rifle around town for him?  We see him get it from various places, but we never see him move it somewhere else.  Or does he have a dozen of them stashed all over town?

I love how the cheese is the clue that tips Saunders off... okay, I just love cheese, period.  He makes some lovely darting, suspicious glances there.  He's not very subtle about leaving though, just kinda jumps up and quick leaves.  Hmm.

GAH!  Sniper aims at Saunders!  Blinds him with debris!  Poor darling!  Er, I mean, that must hurt!  And why doesn't Saunders call for backup or Doc or something?  No, he blunders off after the sniper.  As Jo says in her book, "Saunders is always heroic, but he is usually not stupid and heroic."  Silly writers.  Then Hanley asks if he's okay, and Saunders says he'll be all right.  Bollocks!  You've got blurry vision!  You are not ok!  Then he wanders off after the café chick all alone... bad Saunders!

The moral of this episode:  Be kind and sympathetic to strangers, because you never know when one of them will think you're hot and then warn you when you're gonna get shot by their lover.


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