This is 100% better than the previous ep!  The opening banter with Littlejohn makes me grin, and I  never really stop grinning through the whole ep.  I adore Hanley's glare when Braddock just keeps repeating everything Hanley says.  And Hanley shines as he toys with Braddock, messing with his head a little.  I guess even lieutenants need some fun once in a while, eh?  And the grin when Braddock decides he'd rather be a runner -- that's just priceless.

(DA!)--Saunders can fling himself into my foxhole any time!  Do you see the way he just whips over that barrier and lands at Hanley's feet?  Mmmmmmm.

There's some lovely give-and-take between Hanley and Saunders in this ep.  Saunders telling Hanley the Krauts "have had four years to dig" has got to be one of my favorite lines.  And we haven't even gotten to the really funny parts of the ep yet!

Speaking of the funniness, I was surprised to see this is directed by Altman.  His eps are usually so serious.  He has quite the flair for comedy though, unless all the magic belongs to Shecky Greene and Keenan Wynn.

Col. Clyde actually makes smooth-talker Braddock stutter!  I think the cabbie has met his match.  The first time I saw this ep, Col. Clyde kind of annoyed me.  But this time around, I've decided that he might be annoying to be around, but wouldn't it be loads of fun to BE Col. Clyde?  You get to drive around in a souped-up jeep, holler at everyone, say anything that comes into your head, and everyone just salutes and does whatever you say.  Can I have a job like that?

Uh, is it me, or do the doors to the Shower Point and Clothing Exchange look like cardboard?  Are they supposed to?

As soon as I see that cow in the road, I know we're in trouble, since this IS an Altman ep.  This time the animal actually causes the (supposed) injury of a character.  Yikes!

Shecky Greene is amazing in this ep.  Usually I get annoyed with Braddock's schticking and joking, but in this ep, he shines.  I'd love to see outtakes from this one, because I bet they rock!

Oh yeah, one last thing before I move on.  Can somebody give that poor sentry a map and just let him navigate?


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