Wharton (Frank Gorshin) starts out as a possible twin for Kirby, what with his foot problems and griping.  He's obviously not the medal-seeking type, originally.

(DA!)--Billy is just so adorable when he sticks his tounge between his lips to concentrate, isn't he?

What is with Saunders carrying that piece of bread around in his mouth during mess call?  Has he been hanging out with too many cute little puppies?

Notice that when they use the bangalore (spelling?) torpedo to blow a path thru the barbed wire, the explosion occurs a few inches beside it, and the pipe remains intact.

(DA!)--Caje can pull off wearing a turtleneck!  Most people can't.

And hey, where's Kirby in this ep?  Did the writers think we couldn't handle two whiners in one ep?

Hanley gets one superb line in this ep:  "Well, in our army, he's gonna hafta settle for a little ole Silver Star."

  Saunders gets a good one too:  "We're taking you to an alumni meeting in Nuremberg U."  Hee hee :-)

The Wrath of Saunders is a frightening thing to behold, isn't it?  The way he spits "hero" at Wharton is amazingly vehement.

This is the second ep where Saunders ends up tangled in barbed wire.  He makes some very horrid yowls before he gets out.

When Wharton says D'Amato should get the medal instead, there's a really great reaction shot of Billy looking at Littlejohn with question marks all over his face.

Oh yeah, Saunders gets to state the theme of this ep:  "What makes heroes, Lieutenant?"  You know, just in case we didn't get it.


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