When I was a kid, this was one of my favorite eps.  I'm not entirely sure why -- it's good, but not fantastic.

(DA!)-- Okay, yes, I am sure why.  Cuz Saunders spends so much time half-dressed!

(DA!)-- Can we please stop having Gratuitous Butt Shots of guest stars with wide bottoms?  This Paul kid just doesn't deserve one.

When Paul says "Would you ever forget what your father looked like?" Saunders looks strangely sad.  I wonder if the writers planned to go somewhere with that (since we never really hear about his dad) or what.

Saunders looks very uncomfortable when they first enter the Villette home -- he holds his shoulders tense and fidgets a lot, shifting his weight around.  Like he's not used to anything that isn't covered in mud.

Dr. Villette still wears his wedding ring.  Or since this is in Europe, is that just a random ring?  I know in some parts of Europe they wear the wedding ring on the right hand instead...

Why doesn't Paul notice how weird it is that his dad and aunt have all this food and this nice house?

(DA!)-- Back in the trench, we get a lovely (albeit kinda inexplicable) closeup of Caje's hand.  He has lovely fingers -- long and sensitive...

The guy playing Paul reminds me of Dennis Hopper, only less whiny.

Vic seems to have a particular way he likes to react to getting shot.  He whips around, throws his arms in the air, and falls face-down.  He doesn't do it EVERY time he gets shot, but pretty often, or at least that's how it seems to me.

(DA!)-- Saunders spends most of the rest of the ep half-nekkid and lying in bed... no wonder I loved this ep!  I really love those bare arms -- and when he's smoking that cigarette, look out!  I especially love how he cranes his head back to try to see what's going on behind him.  It's just very sexy.  Okay, I'll be good for a while now.

I love Saunders' line "First thing I ever promised myself was never be taken prisoner -- with my pants off."  It's just really funny, especially in a serious ep.  I had to rewind and watch it three times, cuz it makes me giggle.

(DA!)-- Some nice grimacing and lip-curling on Saunders's part as he struggles with that shirt... here, Sarge, let me help you with that... you don't really want to put it back on yet, trust me...

The end of the ep is touching, but we never get to find out if Saunders and Paul make it back to the trenches!  Of  course, they've only got 500 yards to go, but a lot can happen in 500 yards!



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