The barn we start out in looks really familiar.  Look out, Saunders -- I think something really nasty is gonna happen to you on this set a few eps from now!

Kirby is funnier here than in "Forgotten Front" -- I like him better.  He's loud, but not so mean.  I'm a little mad at our guys for hooting at the replacements so much though.  Saunders tells them to knock it off eventually, but he goes right on being sarcastic :-(  Bad Saunders!

I've been making an effort to notice Hanley more, because I feel bad for overlooking him for so long.  He does have some nice redeeming qualities, namely those lurvely arm muscles he shows off while doing laundry, and those looong sensitive fingers... plus the sleek dark hair... yeah, I think I'll have to get to know this character a little better.

When we get briefed, we all look good.  Kirby's almost shirtless, Caje is leaning on one knee, Saunders is scowling, Hanley's hair is shiny... okay, a little too shiny, maybe... it doesn't stand a chance next to the perpetually messy blondness of Saunders... sorry, I'll get back to whatever it was I was saying before I got distracted....

Yikes!  Distracted again by one of those dazzlingly unpredictable smiles from Saunders.  And am I mistaken, or has he shaved recently?

The guys all seem much more settled into their roles in this ep -- well on their way to being who they are for the rest of the show.

Can we please shoot all those noisy geese?

I love how "Combat!" doesn't portray all German soldiers as monsters.  The guys with the helmet full of kittens are really sweet!  And can I please take one of the kittens home with me?  They're so cute!  One day they'll grow up to be Signature Altman Cats, I'm sure.

I can't help myself -- I have to mention how cool it is when Saunders hops into that dress shop and closes the door behind him with his foot.  I love it when he does that!  Or really when anybody does that.  Guys, take note, learn to close doors with your foot, it's very attractive.

This is early in the series and Kirby's not a regular, so his getting shot was probably really scary back when this first aired.  Of course, I know he won't die 'cuz I've seen later seasons, so I'm not scared.  Much.

 Temple's rooftop dance is tense... I always hold my breath through it.  Not like that'll help him any, but oh well.

We get treated to a couple more smiles from Saunders before he passes out.  Poor guy, all wounded, lying there on those hard steps, vulnerable... sigh....



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