Hanley is really quite the sarcastic chap, isn't he?  When told he gets to go on a secret mission, he let's fly with, "What, and leave all this?"  Yeah, who doesn't love rain and mud and shelling?  And my word, he is DIRTY!  Nothing like a good mud mask, I always say... they don't  even let Hanley wash his face before getting on the plane!

(DA!)--Okay, when I demanded more shower and shaving scenes, I guess I should have specified.  But on second thought, Hanley doesn't look too bad wet either.  Not like Saunders, of course...

Hanley looks absolutely perfect sitting primly in a club with a drink and a smirk.  Look out folks -- he's back in his native environment!

This whole ep reminds me of the old radio show "Spycatcher," where the British caught Nazi spies trying to sneak into Britain.  It was an okay show, but it tended to get draggy and dull, as does this ep.

Agent Slocum reminds me more of Max Smart than James Bond.  I think it's the voice.  He's a pretty fun character though.

Hanley's old college roommate is really just a good excuse to let him spend an ep doodling about away from the "Real War."  And the best reason they could think up for an American Infantryman to be doing secret agent stuff, I suppose.

Would they really make or let a soldier do a parachute jump into enemy territory with no real training?

Rick Jason is great at double-takes.  When Hanley and Slocum are in the plane and Slocum says that being scared comes later, Hanley just has the greatest look!

After they've landed, why does the old Resistance guy have to lean forward every time he clicks his clicker?  It just looks silly.

Do all spies get to make out with random European women?  And are all German soldiers rank sentimentalists?

Those notebooks hidden in the cafe just strike me as a total plot device, especially with Krauts infesting the place.  It seems like an excuse to drag the ep on a little longer.

I do like Marie's line:  "Soon, no more German boots."  It's poetic in its simplicity and loaded with symbolism.

(DA!)--Hanley looks grrreat in his French costume too -- he sure gets to change clothes a lot.  Saunders just gets to be either dirty or clean, for the most part (not that I mind...).

I really think having the French chick be the mole is too predictable, especially in light of Hanley's last exploit with the Resistance.  I think it shoulda been the old guy, just to make it a little more unexpected.  


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